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A Mummy in Malta? Scouting Begins for The Mummy.

mummy in malta

Location scouting begins for The Mummy in Malta.

This past November saw Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella‘s names associated with Universal’s 2017 remake/reboot of their classic Universal Monster movie, The Mummy.  After Universal confirmed Cruise and Boutella, along with an official press announcement for the anticipated first film in the Universal Monsters Universe of connected films, we now have word that the film crew have begun scouting locations for The Mummy.

According to Just Jared and Times of Malta, “the production team scouted various locations around the island but appeared to have set its eyes on Fort Ricasoli in Kalkara, industry sources said.”

The pictures released on Just Jared look incredible and we’ve shared a few below.  The Mummy 2017 will be directed by Alex Kurtzman (People Like Us). With the film being set in present day and filmed in Malta, we already have the makings of a movie that will be as breathtakingly beautiful to look at, as much as it surely will be entertaining.

mummy in malta

mummy in malta

mummy in malta

mummy in malta

While we don’t know too much about the upcoming The Mummy, we do know that it will be a significant departure from the previous trilogy starring Brendan Fraser.  Especially in locations as 1999’s film, directed by Stephen Sommers, was filmed in Morocco and set in the fictional City of the Dead – Hamunaptra.  Also, it has been reported (and more or less confirmed) that Sofia Boutella of Kingsman and Star Trek Beyond fame will portray the title character.

The Mummy is set for release  June 9, 2017, with filming set to begin in the spring/summer.  Stay tuned for more on The Mummy, The Invisible Manand the rest of the Universal Monsters here at Universal Monsters Universe!

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