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Frankenstein One:12 at Mezco Toyz!

It’s alive!  It’s alive!  Okay maybe not but the Frankenstein One:12 looks like it may as well be.  I had the pleasure of visiting Mezco Toyz, based in Long Island City, N.Y., in the beginning of the month and two versions of Frankenstein were proudly on display.  Both were so detailed, you can say you own a mini Boris Karloff.  I’m a fan of the vintage coloring they gave one of the figurines to keep in line with the black-and-white of the 1931 movie.  The other figurine was the classic green color.  His clothes are fabric, keeping with that realistic look.  Frankenstein is also fully-articulated so he can posed in the classic arms up position or any other position you want him to be posed in.

Frankenstein One:12

Photo by Chuck Suffel

The details such as his stitches, wrinkles and even the bolts on his neck are all there.  The black-and-white version has a fearsome expression on his face which tells of the dread he feels when he goes out into the world.  The green version has that expression-less face we’re used to seeing on movie posters and other merchandise.  The base has design of two spark plugs with lightning streaming across them. It also comes with a support that holds Frankenstein in place on the base.

Frankenstein One:12

Photo by Chuck Suffel

Mezco Toyz is a great company and takes pride in making their products as authentic and accurate as possible.  It is hard to choose which version of Frankenstein is my favorite because both of them represent him so well.  It is unknown as to what accessories and/or alternate parts the figurines will include, but knowing Mezco, they will be great and really add to the product.  The release date is September of this year, but the price is unknown at this time.  These collectibles are essential to any collector, especially a Universal Monsters collector.

(Joe Grodensky)

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