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Elizabeth Georgiou Finds 2017’s Mummy “Awesome”!

In an attempt to stay as up to date as possible on 2017’s The Mummy, we try to keep as close a watch as we can on all different fronts – online and off.  In one of my recent searches on Twitter, I stumbled upon an interesting, informative, and entertaining tweet.

Elizabeth Georgiou, an accomplished and award winning Make-Up and Hair Designer, tweeted a week ago about The Mummy.  Tweeting a carefully worded tweet, under 150 characters, “The Mummy directed by Alex Kurtzman is looking pretty awesome… watch this space…”


Georgiou, with Michael Rooker as Yondu, in “GotG”

Ms. Georgiou, has worked on a diverse range of films including Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows and David Fincher’s The Social Network; her most notable work among pop-culture fans is most likely Thor: The Dark World and Guardians of the Galaxy.

No stranger to magnificent, theatrical, and fantastical make-up and hair (an important aspect of any production), she will surely deliver something masterful with The Mummy.  After all, Ms. Elizabeth Georgiou is an Academy Award nominee.

While it’s almost a given that fans and the Universal Monsters Universe won’t be getting any form of details regarding The Mummy – “I’m bound to secrecy,” it is worth giving Elizabeth Yianni Georgiou a follow on Twitter.  In regards to her “watch this space” comment, regardless of if we’ll get any insight into the behind the scenes aspect of production, I’m glad I stumbled upon this and I, for one, am already following.

To learn more about Elizabeth Yianni Georgiou, please visit her site – http://www.lizziegeorgiou.com/

You could find her on Twitter –@LizzieYG

The Mummy releases June 9, 2017 and stars Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella.  The film is currently scouting Malta and you could find more about pre-production in our previous article here.

(Steven Biscotti – @reggiemantleIII)

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