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Tom Cruise, Van Helsing?

Tom Cruise, Van Helsing?

Tom Cruise, Van Helsing

Tom Cruise, Van Helsing?

We know Tom Cruise is in June 9, 2017’s The Mummy, starring alongside Sofia Boutella.  We’re aware of a character named Tyler Colt, who along with his Navy Seal team, enter a centuries old tomb located in Iraq.  But we don’t really know much else about the film, nor do we even know if this plot still holds true.  We reported on everything we do know, back from when The Mummy was first announced, in our “The Mummy; What We Know So Far!” piece a week ago.  After a little more digging, we have found out a little more regarding Tom Cruise’s involvement, along with some clues (and some good, old fashioned speculation) as to who he may actually be playing.

Tom Cruise, Van Helsing

Van Helsing (2004)

While Variety reported in April 2012 that Jon Spaihts would be scripting The Mummy, it was also reported just a month later that Universal was developing a “reimagined ‘Van Helsing’ with Tom Cruise attached to star and produce.”

Director Rupert Sanders (Snow White and The Huntsman) was originally considered as a likely candidate to helm Van Helsing, but not much ever came from what Twitch Film considered “breaking” in October of 2012.

For three years, eager fans of the long in development Universal Monsters Universe films heard nothing of the proposed re-imagining of Van Helsing, until Variety exclusively announced that Jon Spaihts and Eric Heisserer (The ThingNightmare on Elm Street reboots) had signed on to co-write the film based on the Bram Stoker character.

Sometime around this announcement, fans learned that Tom Cruise was no longer attached to Van Helsing.  As a big Cruise fan, myself, it was disappointing that the movie lost such a major player as Cruise would have undoubtedly helped create an engaging adventure much different than 2004’s Van Helsing, starring Hugh Jackman.  But, all was not lost.

In late 2015 and in January of this year, we learned that Tom Cruise would now be starring in The Mummy – a film with an equally long and interesting history.  While not much was made of Cruise now being attached to star in, but no longer holding a producer credit on Alex Kurtzman’s The Mummy, it seems as if many have forgotten that Tom Cruise was originally supposed to play Van Helsing, the famous monster hunter.

To make matters even more interesting, The Mummy‘s current scribe, Jon Spaihts, was previously the gentleman behind the scripting of Van Helsing.  While he’s still attached to the “in development” Van Helsing, his work on The Mummy is done with that movie already in pre-production.

Tom Cruise, Van Helsing

51968661 Actor Tom Cruise arrives in Malta on February 12, 2016 to scout out locations for his upcoming film “The Mummy” which will be filmed in Malta next June and July. The actor was seen touring Fort St Elmo in Valletta, Malta. FameFlynet, Inc – Beverly Hills, CA, USA – +1 (310) 505-9876 RESTRICTIONS APPLY: USA/CHINA ONLY

Is it possible that while Tom Cruise is no longer attached to Van Helsing, it’s all just because he’s still playing the character, just not in his own film?  We know the Universal Monsters Universe of films have gone through various stages which even saw Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan oversee an additional ending to 2014’s Dracula Untold.  I, for one, feel it’s plausible that at some point along production, Kurtzman and Morgan decided on having Van Helsing take over for the Tyler Colt role in The Mummy, and have that film serve as the one to reintroduce us to the iconic literary and cinematic hero.

With filming set to begin this spring/summer, we could expect a full press announcement regarding The Mummy sometime soon.  Will we learn sometime this year about who Tom Cruise will play?  Most likely, but as with any good monster story, there must come a great mystery.

Tom Cruise, Van Helsing

Tom Cruise from Valkyrie. Image via JustJared.com

Who do you think Tom Cruise is playing?  Could it still be the Navy Seal Tyler Colt?  Or, like us at Universal Monsters Universe, believe Cruise may still be playing Van Helsing.  Let us know in the comments below.

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