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Re-animating The Mummy Toy Island Figures!

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Mummy Toy Island1999 was a big year for merchandise with movies like The Mummy and Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace opening that summer.  May 3rd marked the major release of all the Star Wars merchandise and when excited fans headed out to the toy stores, they were not only greeted by the latest Star Wars toys from Hasbro, but they also came upon action figures and playsets for The Mummy by Toy Island.

Toy Island’s The Mummy line of action figures and playsets were the highlight of toy releases for me in 1999, but by most standards, were largely forgotten with Hasbro’s Star Wars massively overshadowing them.  Toy Island produced eight 6″ action figures, two 12″ figures, and three playsets.  Fully immersing fans and collectors in the world of Stephen Sommer’s re-imagining of the 1932 classic, The Mummy line of action figures featured some pretty inspired designs and a Mummy dominant line of figures with only three Rick O’ Connell (Brendan Fraser) figures.

Mummy Toy Island

Packaged on a card cut like a tomb, the back read:

The curse of the Mummy has been unleashed!  Now, his power threatens the very soul of humanity.  You are the Mummy Hunter… Can you stop the Mummy and save all of mankind?  Can the Mummy be destroyed if he’s already dead?!

I always loved that the card featured the copy “You are the Mummy hunter,” as it didn’t make specific reference to Rick O’ Connell, but that it did place you in the figurative boots of Brendan Fraser’s iconic adventurer.  Despite having six different mummy action figures (two being Arnold Vosloo’s Imhotep), fans did have the option of buying two different O’ Connell figures – Legionnaire and Adventurer.  Naturally one would need the hero figure to fight against the mummies.

Mummy Toy Island

In addition to the diverse range of creatures – Severed Mummy to Cursed Princess, the real highlight of Toy Island’s The Mummy line was the three connecting playsets.  Toy Island gave fans the choice to either buy three separately or buy all three to connect together.  When all three formed together, you’d have a diorama of the mummy’s tomb.  They also came with an exclusive mummy figure and an O’ Connell figure.

Mummy Toy Island

Some of the Toy Island Mummy toys have become very rare and very expensive.  Most of them are currently listed on places like eBay & amazon, and if you’re a fan of the movie, these definitely are collectibles that you would not want to pass up on.

Mummy Toy Island

Here’s a checklist of The Mummy action figures and playsets from Toy Island.

  • Decapitated Mummy
  • Impaled Mummy
  • Severed Mummy
  • Cursed Princess
  • Cursed Imhotep
  • Cursed Mummy
  • Adventurer O’ Connell
  • Legionnaire O’ Connell
  • 12 Inch Electronic Mummy
  • 12 Inch Electronic O’ Connell
  • The Tomb – Electronic Re-animation Playset
  • The Chamber – Electronic Re-animation Playset
  • The Altar – Electronic Re-animation Playset

Collect them all or suffer the Mummy’s wrath!  And be sure to continue following UMU as our “March of Mummies” coverage continues.

(Steven Biscotti)

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