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Universal Monsters Universe Officially Launches!

Universal Monsters Universe
Universal Monsters Universe

Art by Dave Fox.

Hello Monsters!  If you’ve been on the site and have been keeping an eye across social media – Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram, you may have noticed a few changes.  Yes, that’s right Universal Monsters Universe has its logo and mascot of monsters!  Thanks to the talented Dave Fox  @davefoxart (UMU logo) and Vincent Jimenez (UMU social media mascot), we have some pretty cool art that looks terrific and that we’re very honored to have.

Joe and I started UMU a month ago and now we’re ready to officially launch.  As producer Chris Morgan had said in regards to the currently in-development Universal Monsters Universe of films, “The monsters have been in the shadows, and now it’s time to bring them out into the light.

As big fans of the Universal Monsters and enthusiastic ones for the current reboot, starting with 2017’s The Mummy, we could not be more excited to present Universal Monsters Universe to you.  If you’ve been following us, then hopefully you’ve found our site to be the perfect blend of the classics and modern films.  And if you’re new, we bid you welcome.

As The Mummy is currently in pre-production, with filming set to start this spring, expect to find the latest coverage of that film here at UMU.  But considering our love of the originals that started this whole universe, we’ll regularly revisit the classics as well.  Joe has a great series called “Meet the Monsters”, so if you’re interested in the likes of Bela Lugosi, Lon Chaney, Jr., Boris Karloff and more, then that may be for you.  We’ll also soon be starting a series on the men and women behind the monsters; exploring the various talented make-up artists that gave us the iconic creatures to root for (and sometimes freak us out!)

As I am already counting down the days to Alex Kurtzman’s The Mummy, you’ll see from time to time regular updates on “The Mummy; What We Know So Far.”  At the original time of writing that, Annabelle Wallis and Jake Johnson were yet to be cast.  We now have them in addition to Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella so you’ll probably see another variation of “what we know” pretty soon.

If you like what we’re doing, be sure to give us a follow on social media – located to the right of this post.  And maybe even subscribe at the bottom.  We’re pretty excited for what’s to come for Universal Monsters Universe and we hope you enjoy your stay.

(Grodensky & Biscotti)

Universal Monsters Universe

Joe Grodensky – @joegrodensky

Steven Biscotti – @reggiemantleIII



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