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Play The Dead! The Mummy Video Games!

The Mummy video games

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While Joe and I are currently in Chicago covering C2E2 (Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo), we haven’t forgotten about “March of Mummies” and the Stephen Sommers The Mummy films.  As we’ve set to cover various angles of each film – be it a soundtrack review or a spotlight on the action figures, I quickly realized that the video games for both The Mummy and The Mummy Returns would have to be covered.  Well monsters, this is that time!

Video games have enjoyed a long history and we’ve seen various systems come and go, along with the furthering of gameplay interactivity and graphics.  Growing up, my dad and I would play a lot of video games and while I don’t play too much anymore, just like my father, I still enjoy a select few like Sony’s Uncharted series.  Mentioning my father (his favorite UMU monster is The Wolf Man), there was a lot of time we’d spend playing Sony’s PlayStation One.  After certain weekends spent playing with my cousin, I knew I had to have the PlayStation One.  I would play game after game, but it wasn’t until The Mummy was advertised in Game Informer that I became a serious fan of the unit.

The Mummy video games

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The Mummy is a standard action-adventure platforming game which incorporates elements of 3rd person adventure and side-scrolling.  Released November 17, 2000 (a little over a year after the film opened and six months before Returns), the Playstation game was done by Konami and distributed by Universal Interactive Studios and Rebellion Developments.

The (not so) movie-tie in game features the main plot of the Stephen Sommers original but takes you beyond the movie just like the classic Activision Spider-Man The Movie game did in 2002.  Featuring various levels of exploration, you play as Rick O’ Connell and get to travel through the world of The Mummy movie in a highly interactive way.  The game featured the following chapters:

  • Ancient Vaults
  • Caverns of the Nile
  • Beni’s Downfall
  • Hall of Scarabs
  • River of Blood
  • Storms of Sand
  • Swarm of Gadflies
  • Anck-Su-Namun’s Crypt
  • Curse of Boils
  • Tombs of Death
  • Plague of Fire
  • Chamber of Anubis
  • Temple of Priests
  • Imhotep’s Lair
  • Cairo (Bonus Level)

I spent a lot of time playing The Mummy on the PlayStation and at 11 years old, I was still pretty creeped out over certain moments in the game.  Konami, Universal, and Rebellion did a fantastic job at translating the fun and horror of the film into an entertaining and fun playable format.  The Mummy for PlayStation featured several sets from the movie re-created in game format, along with featuring the movie score by Jerry Goldsmith!

While the game didn’t feature the voice talents of Brendan Fraser or Rachel Weisz, it was still one of my favorite games to play and one that I should revisit soon.

The Mummy video gamesThe Mummy Returns featured another interesting release as it didn’t coincide with the movie’s original opening in May.  Instead Universal Interactive and Blitz Games released this on October 5, 2001.

Sadly, The Mummy Returns is not a very good game.  It’s confusing and the challenges prove more bothersome than actually entertaining the gamer to spend more time with it.  The Mummy Returns should have been a much better game considering it’s next gen graphics (it came out for PlayStation 2) and that you have the option to play as either Rick O’ Connell or Imhotep.

The Mummy video games

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The Mummy video games

Image via playstation

I, to this day, have never beaten The Mummy Returns and I don’t believe I ever made it out of the first level.  The less said of this one, the better.  The Mummy Returns video game is best left buried with Imhotep!

If you get the chance, you may want to check out The Mummy for the Playstation One.  Amazon has it available and it’s worth picking up, if only to add to your collection.  And, if you’re as much a fan of the 1999 modern classic as Universal Monsters Universe is, you may even want to watch a video of it provided below.

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