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UMU Discovers “Monster City” at C2E2!

Monster City
Monster City

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This past weekend Joe and I headed to C2E2 – Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo.  While we attended as press and covered some pretty fun moments in pop-culture for What’cha Reading and Alternative Mindz, we made sure to keep a look out for all things monster related, particularly in regards to the Universal Monsters Universe umbrella.  While walking the main floor we came across a booth for Monster City Comic and their usage of Dracula and the other various monsters caught our attention.

Monster City Comic is the brainchild of filmmakers Timothy Compton and Sean P. Malone.  Compton, a Chicago native, along with Malone, from Arizona, are known as “creators of independent cinema and comics,” along with hosting a podcast called The Camera Report.  There are currently two comic series – Monster City and Ice Zombies (w. Compton; a. Alex Kujawa).  Monster City, written by Timothy Compton and illustrated by Aaron Nicholson, revolves around the ongoing story based on the following subject matter:

When a young girl falls victim to a cult known as The Order of the Dragon a psychologist recruits a defected member to help find her.

The two unlikely partners begin an investigation which blurs the line between the natural and supernatural as they are thrust into the middle of a mob war led by Dracula and other monsters.

Monster City Comic is also described as “an ongoing Horror-Noir comic about a mob-ridden city under the control of Dracula and other monsters.”  Intriguing enough, the story blends the classic library of monsters known to Universal fans quite well and Compton and Nicholson deliver a comic worth biting and digging more into.

*Also, while Sean helped me come up with the basic concept of Monster City, Aaron Nicholson has been the partner who has developed the world with me. – Timothy Compton

For more on Monster City Comic and its creators, you could find them across the web on FaceBook, Twitter, and YouTube.

The Camera Report is currently available to listen to and download on Podbean and iTunes.

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