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Monster City #1: Classic Horror Meets Noir

Monster CityOver the weekend, Steven and I attended Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2).  While we were there we met Timothy Compton, the gentleman behind the Monster City comic book series.  In the premiere issue, Dr. Ian Canton is working with local authorities who are searching for The Phantom of the Opera and his female captives.   Along the way we meet Raoul and Christine.  Raoul is the man who loves Christine. Christine is Raoul’s lover who is held captive by The Phantom and starts to sympathize with him.  Raoul and Christine talk about the ordeal and Christine reveals her feelings about The Phantom.

The concept of these classic monsters taking over the city is new which makes it great.  Compton, Aaron Nicholson, and Sean P. Malone have a sure-fire hit on their hands.  Compton’s story is 1930’s horror mixed with 1930’s gangster and makes for an entertaining and suspenseful read.  Not only is The Phantom the main antagonist but Raoul and Christine, characters from the original story, appear as well.   The story is told through Dr. Canton’s eyes and he is a solid character.  Aaron Nicholson’s black and white noir style illustrations match the mood and tone of the story perfectly.  This issue introduces us to a boo-tiful series.

Monster City

It was a pleasure to meet Timothy Compton personally at C2E2 and discover Monster City.  It is a great title with huge potential for success.  The story is gripping and the artwork adds to the tone of the story.  The best part is how Monster City adapts the classic Universal Monsters characters to modern-day settings and makes them this organized group of villains while keeping true to their origins.  I enjoyed the first issue very much and Universal Monsters Universe looks forward to many more issues in the future from this team.

If you want to know more about Timothy Compton, Sean P. Malone and the rest of the team at Monster City, you can visit monstercitycomic.com and find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Monster City Chapter One: The Phantom

Written by Timothy Compton

Illustrated by Aaron Nicholson

24 pages

(Joe Grodensky – @Joe Grodensky)

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