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Van Helsing vs. Dracula #1: The Battle Continues

Liesel Van helsingBack in February, it was announced that Kelly Overton would star in a new Syfy series titled Van Helsing.  As we prepare for the show’s premiere in the fall, I will be featuring reviews of Zenescope Entertainment’s Van Helsing vs. Dracula series.  You can find more Zenescope coverage at What’cha Reading.  Liesel Van Helsing is the daughter of the great vampire hunter Abraham.  In this first issue, “An Imperial Affliction,” she is called in to help Jonathan Harker when his fiance Mina becomes possessed and bites his mother.  It is up to Liesel, her boyfriend Hades and Jonathan to uncover the reason behind Mina’s behavior and stop whoever is behind it.

Van HelsingPat Shand and Zenescope put out great work.  The story is a modern take on the age-old Dracula tale.  I like that Jonathan Harker and Mina are brought into this re-telling from the original.  Liesel is an in-your-face, no-holds-barred character who has literally gone to hell and back.  She is strong, fierce and not afraid of anyone or anything.  It’s great how when she was in hell she falls in love with Hades, Lord of the Underworld.  Michele Bandini’s artwork and Walter Pereya’s colors are fantastic.  The cover art, done by Jarreau Wimberly, is amazing.  I give this issue five stars.

Van HelsingVan Helsing vs. Dracula is already starting to become an excellent series.  There is something for everyone: adventure, suspense and horror.  Those who love Dracula and anything vampire-related will love this series.  Zenescope is a great comic book company with lots of great titles.  I highly recommend reading their stuff because it is all equally fantastic.  Stay tuned for more Van Helsing vs. Dracula reviews as well as new information on the Syfy series Van Helsing starring Kelly Overton.

Written by Pat Shand

Artwork by Michele Bandini

Colors by Walter Pereya

(Joe Grodensky – @JoeGrodensky)


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