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Mezco Frankenstein One:12 Available For Pre-Order!


Frankenstein’s monster is one of the most recognizable horror characters in the world and Boris Karloff would be the man associated with the monster since he played him back in 1931.  Well, now you can add your own Frankenstein monster to your collection thanks to Mezco Toyz.  We first reported on the One:12 Frankenstein collectible back in February but at the time we only knew it would be released in September.  We have just learned that the collectible figure is available for pre-order and will be released in October of this year.

FrankensteinThe Frankenstein One:12 piece is beautiful.  It looks like Boris Karloff and the vintage black and white coloring makes it look like it came right out of the movie screen.  Frankenstein’s clothes are made out of real fabric and there are numerous points of articulation so he can be easily posed.  Everything on this figure is authentic from the bolts on his neck to the boots on his feet.  He comes with a standard head and an angry head to help recreate those scenes of peril and rage from the classic film.  The One:12 also comes with two sets of hands: one set for posing and the other set that looks like he is trying to grab something and shackles to put around his wrists.  The base is decorated with graphics of the spark plugs used to bring the monster to life.

FrankensteinThis is a must have piece for any collector, especially a Universal Monsters collector.  Mezco Toyz does great things with its products and Frankenstein is no different.  He looks so lifelike he might just come to life at any time without electricity!  He retails for $70.00 which is a great price for a high-quality product.  If you’re interested in buying the Frankenstein One:12 you can pre-order it here and while you’re at it, be sure to check out Mezco’s other great products!


The One:12 Collective Frankenstein features:
– Accurate real fabric clothing
-Hyper-realistic portraits
– Highly articulated body
-Character specific sutured forearms
-Film accurate asphalt spreader boots
Included with this figure:
-Standard head
-Angry head
-Posing hands with attached forearms (L&R)
-Grasping hands with attached forearms (L&R)
-Functioning shackles with real metal chain
-Display base with posing post
Packaged in a deluxe, fifth panel window box. Designed for collector convenience, the packaging allows for both maximum protection as well as ease of removal for display.
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