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17 Years Later & We Still Love Rick O’ Connell!

Rick O' Connell

Nearing 17 years since its May 1999 release, Rick O’ Connell from The Mummy is still the swashbuckling, adventurer, and heartthrob we remember him as.  17 years since The Mummy opened and we now have technology like TWITTER! And Instagram! And Tumblr! All these great tools have allowed us to connect in a way that we weren’t fully able to in 1999 and now share our mutual love for Universal’s one and only, Rick O’ Connell!

Rick O' Connell

Image via IG – @lynda.personalstylist

When it comes to zombie killers and monster hunters, the name that immediately comes to mind is, undoubtedly, Rick Grimes from tv and comics’ The Walking Dead.  But if you’re like us, there may just be one other person that comes to mind – Rick O’ Connell.  The swashbuckling, adventurer played by Brendan Fraser in 1999’s The Mummy, 2001’s The Mummy Returns, and 2008’s The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor is a hero unlike any other and definitely our favorite Rick.

With Netflix having just released both films a few weeks ago, there is a great resurgence of interest in the film and that’s something that makes us at Universal Monsters Universe quite happy.  After a search through Instagram and Twitter, we found some of the best moments celebrating everything Rick O’ Connell and we wanted to share them with you now.

As you could obviously see, there’s still a lot of love for Rick O’ Connell, even if he is a guy that “had more balls than brains.”  But hey, he saved the world three times, is married to an adventurer who’s also a LIBRARIAN, and he’s got to be, hands down, one of the manliest of cinema icons out there that is not only easy on the eyes, but also quick with his bandoliers.


…so thank you Brendan Fraser for giving us the Original Rick.  We like you too Andrew Lincoln, but for now, we’re sticking with Brendan Fraser’s Rick O’ Connell.

(Steven Biscotti – @reggiemantleIII)

There were a lot of great tweets about Rick O’ Connell and some pretty funny ones pointed towards Tom Cruise’s character in 2017’s The Mummy.  Check out Twitter, do a search if bored or one if you’re looking to be entertained, and let us know in the comments if you love O’ Connell as much as we and these awesome fans do!

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  1. Brendan Fraser is a tough act to follow but I know Tom Cruise will deliver!

  2. Just an FYI. Netflix removed both the Mummy and The Mummy Returns from their streaming service in June. Totally not cool.


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