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Van Helsing vs. Dracula #4: Hell On Earth

Van Helsing

Van HelsingThe bloody battle between Van Helsing and Dracula is reaching a fever pitch!  No this is not a tagline for a new vampire movie.  It is a one sentence summary of how great Zenescope Entertainment’s Van Helsing vs. Dracula has gotten.  In the last issue, Liesel and Jonathan travel to Rome to look for the Steward of Rome who allegedly had knowledge of how to kill Dracula.  It turns out he was turned into a sleeper for getting too close to Dracula.  They do not get much more from him this time around, but Hades reveals his darkest secrets to Liesel and explains why he left them to go back to the underworld.  While Liesel and the others discuss a strategy, Dracula is preparing Mina and his sleepers for all-out war.

Van HelsingPat Shand delivers yet another top-notch story that sends us to what is sure to be a high-octane, no-holds-barred final issue.  The opening scene with Mina and Dracula was an excellent way to start the issue and lead into Hades’s backstory.  It just tied the series up to this point together and is a great set-up for the final battle.  The Steward’s rendition of the “Wedding March” was a creepy, yet fun, touch.  One thing I enjoyed very much was seeing Robyn, Sam and Marian from the Robyn Hood series make an appearance.  Michele Bandini and Walter Pereyra are once again putting out great work when it comes to the artwork and colors, respectively.  Paul Green’s cover art is gorgeous.  Liesel is a woman on a mission with looks to kill and he captured that spirit in his art.

Van HelsingThis issue gets five stars and I cannot wait for the final issue.  It’ll be sad to see the series end because it was so enjoyable but at the same time, the battle sounds exciting.  Liesel is a favorite of mine since reading this series and I cannot wait to see her again in another Zenescope title.  Stay tuned for the final issue.  It’s going to be bloody epic!


Story by Pat Shand

Artwork by Michele Bandini

Colors by Walter Pereyra

Cover by Paul Green

25 pages

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(Joe Grodensky – @joegrodensky)

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