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Zenescope Linked To Syfy’s Van Helsing!

Van Helsing

Syfy’s Van Helsing inspired by Zenescope Comics.

If you have been following UMU, you’ll know we’ve been reviewing Zenescope Entertainment’s Dracula vs Van Helsing series of comic books.  Since February, we’ve also been keeping up on new developments regarding Syfy’s newest series, Van Helsing starring True Blood alum Kelly Overton as descendent Vanessa Helsing.  Well, there is some exciting news to deliver regarding Zenescope and Van Helsing!

Van HelsingAs reported first on philly.com, Zenescope co-founder Ralph Tedesco did not give out any specific information but did say, “Van Helsing is one of our more popular comic-book characters. That’s because she’s a tough-as-nails vampire hunter who happens to be the daughter of Abraham Van Helsing. And while I can’t yet confirm the degree of our involvement in the TV series, we’re extremely excited for what should shape up to be a fantastic show.”   I reached out to Zenescope writer Pat Shand to confirm the news.  He replied, “No, sorry, I can’t comment on this any further!  Thank you for the great reviews, though!”  You’re very welcome Pat!  While both sides are tight-lipped about this, the imaginations of fans of both the comics and the show are bound to run wild.

As a fan of Zenescope and someone who has taken interest in the development of the Van Helsing series, I am thrilled to hear this news.  I am wondering if Zenescope’s involvement will change the show in any way to relate it to the comic book character.  As of right now, the show is set in a post-apocalyptic world which is taken over by vampires while the comic is set in modern-day England.  One thing that will be certain is there will be no shortage of action and adventure!  Stay tuned for more news on all things Van Hesling and Zenescope for this could be the start of something big!

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