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Talking ‘Sofia Boutella’ with Simon Dixon & Gareth Coulam Evans!

Sofia Boutella

We’ve partnered with Damien Molony Forum and DamienMolony.org (“the mothership”) to present a “Talking” series with Mr. Simon Dixon, director/co-writer and Mr. Gareth Coulam Evans, producer/co-writer of Tiger Raid.  Stay tuned for more and make sure to visit those great sites for some really insightful commentary regarding the film production and cast.

Universal Monsters Universe was given the opportunity to speak with Director/Co-writer Simon Dixon & Producer/Co-writer Gareth Coulam Evans ahead of the third and final showing of Tiger Raid at 2016’s Tribeca Film Festival.  As Sofia Boutella, the Mummy herself, is currently in the U.K. filming The Mummy, she was not on hand at the premiere or at this special press moment given to us.  But, as we like to say, “the best is yet to come.”

Thanks to Falco Ink, and due to our interest in covering Sofia Boutella’s latest film, UMU was given the opportunity to see Tiger Raid last week when it opened during the ‘Midnight’ section at 2016’s Tribeca Film Festival.  While it bears no Universal Monsters, the film does endeavor to showcase the monstrosity of war and of the horrors it reigns down on those grazed by its bullets, struck with its fists, and decimated by its bombs.

As there’s much that has been said of Brian Gleeson (Joe) and Damien Molony’s (Paddy) performances as the wily, unpredictable, sometimes brothers and sometimes enemies mercenaries in Tiger Raid, reviews and interviews have seemingly focused less on Sofia Boutella’s role and her powerful performance as Shadha; a character with much importance to the overall story and who speaks a line that adorned several canvas totes making the rounds at TFF (we have one!)  When we asked Mr. Simon Dixon on his experience working with Sofia Boutella, who in film is widely recognized from Kingsman, he said “She’s obviously a very gifted actress and, in a sense, she’s the emotional center of the film.  So on a practical level, on the production level she completely changed the dynamic of how the two male actors performed; when she was in the room she completely changed the energy, and on a story-telling level she did specifically.  The guys pivot around her and that’s what causes the initial fracture, the thing that tears open Joe’s memories and wounds, and his sense of making choices through love which is ultimately what the film is about.  She was important on both of those levels and she joined the film about a week into filming and it was amazing at how she could drop into this really tight knit crew at that point.  She’d just give and she kept on giving and both of the male actors really benefited from that performance and it completely changed their dynamic.”

It’s exciting to hear Director Simon Dixon speak of Sofia Boutella in such high regards and we could not be more excited that she will be bringing Universal’s iconic monster to life, alongside co-star Tom Cruise in The Mummy.  But for now, Tiger Raid is an exceptional film and and excellent moment in Ms. Boutella’s amazing career.  We can’t wait for all of you to see it.  Monster fans and/or movie fans – we know you’ll applaud the work of the cast and crew.

Tiger Raid is directed by Simon Dixon, produced by Gareth Coulam Evans, and co-written by Mick Donnellan, along with Dixon and Evans.  It stars Brian Gleeson, Damien Molony, and our favorite and soon to be the new ‘Mummy’ – Sofia Boutella as Shadha.  You could find out more about the film in UMU Joe’s profile on Sofia Boutella’s “Tiger of a Performance” and in What’cha Reading and Reel News Daily‘s praise worthy reviews.  And be sure to check out Damien Molony Forum and DamienMolony.org for more of the “Talking with Simon Dixon and Gareth Coulam Evans” Tiger Raid interviews.

*Universal Monsters Universe would like to thank April Tonsil of Falco Ink for arranging the interview with Mr. Simon Dixon and Mr. Gareth Coulam Evans; Mr. Dixon & Mr. Evans for their time and support, along with the good people at DMF and DM.org for partnering with us.


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