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A Review Of Diamond Select Toys’ The Mummy Figure.

IMG_3012Universal’s 1932 classic The Mummy has truly endured the test of time as a horror icon spawning several sequels and spin-offs as well as a trilogy series between 1999 and 2008 starring Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz.  The character will once again be resurrected in 2017 starring Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella.  The Fraser/Weisz trilogy even spawned a Saturday morning animated series.  Of course you can’t have a blockbuster series revolving around such an iconic character without having toys based on the series.  In 2015, Diamond Select Toys and sculptor Jean St. Jean released a new Mummy figure based on his Boris Karloff appearanceWe here at UMU got a hold of a Mummy figurine to add to our collection which also includes The Creature From The Black Lagoon.

For starters, the packaging is nicely done.  It has the Universal Studios Monsters branding on the top and the font is the same exact font used to advertise the movie.  There are multiple drawings of Karloff as the Mummy on the box which look exactly like him.  It is standard Diamond Select Toys packaging so it is bigger than your standard action figure.  You do get a full view of the figure and everything it comes with including a base and accessories.  On the back, there is a brief description of The Mummy and mention that the figure was sculpted by Jean St. Jean.


The figure is not hard to open at first.  You just have to slide your finger delicately along where the plastic meets the cardboard.  The hard part is undoing the twist ties that hold everything in place.  They are not only twisted in various directions but they are tucked under to fit in the final packaging.  It got to the point where they had to be completely ripped out of the plastic to get the figure or accessory free.  Once a twist tie is ripped out like that, it is hard to get back in and is just thrown away.  Once it is freed, the figure itself is a thing of beauty.

IMG_3013 IMG_3016

Boris Karloff and Jack Pierce would have been proud of this figure if they could see it.  The resemblance to the movie character is uncanny from the face to the bandages to the ring.  The figure is easily poseable with 16 points of articulation including ball joints at the shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees and ankles.  It is even moveable at the chest and waist.  The figure has a solid weight to it which means it is sturdy but unfortunately does not make it stand well on its own.  It does come with a base resembling the room where Imhotep takes Helen Grosvenor (Zita Johann).  The base is very detailed with a desert-colored cracked floor and a piece of a broken pillar.  It even comes with a pedestal for the statue of Isis.  Be very careful with the statue because it does not sit well on the pedestal and there are no points of articulation.  She is holding a sistrum in her left hand which can be removed but is tied tightly to her wrist for the sake of packaging.  The Scroll of Thoth is included along with a broken bottle and bowl.  Be very careful because they are small and can get lost easily if they are not fastened back in their spots tightly.  The paint job is immaculate.  There are no smudges or breaks.  There is no bleeding or colors mixed together.  It is a well-done piece overall.


The figure is beautiful.  It is a must have for any Diamond Select Toys and/or Universal Monsters fan.  Jean St. Jean is incredibly talented and that talent resonates through this figure and all of the other figures he has sculpted in his career.  It is incredibly accurate and highly detailed to match the original movie.  This is just another way The Mummy will live on for a new generation of fans.

The particular figure reviewed was purchased at Royal Collectibles for $24.99.  You could also visit Diamond Select Toys for more of their great collectibles.

(Joe Grodensky – @joegrodensky)


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