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Day 20 Wrap on ‘The Mummy.’ (feat. Mezco & DST figures!)


The Mummy has just wrapped Day 20 of principal photography.  Filming on the Alex Kurtzman directed film is taking place in the United Kingdom, particularly Shepperton Studios.  Just as we presented the Week Four recap on the Universal Studios remake of their classic monster movie, we have a few new aspects to report on.

First, one of the hair and make up artists, Danielle Harding tweeted the following:

But in addition to that, Lizzie Georgiou posted the following and it’s the reveal of yet another Boris Karloff action figure.

Since before principal photography started, Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan revealed that they would be turning to the original Universal Classic Monsters library, along with a few Hammer films for good measure.  There’s been much speculation on whether or not The Mummy will be a proper return to the spirit of the original 1932 classic by Karl Freund.  Or if it would play out like more of the Indiana Jones styled adventure that was the Stephen Sommers’ 1999 remake.  With everything we’ve seen and based on what we know so far, it looks as if the spirit of the Boris Karloff classic is remaining throughout many aspects of filming and that when The Mummy is unearthed in June 2017, we could be seeing something really special.

For those of you like us that enjoy collectibles, the two featured Boris Karloff Mummy collectibles on set are by Mezco Toyz and Diamond Select Toys – two of our favorites.  Mezco’s Karloff Mummy is still available on Amazon since we last posted about it.  But now there’s only 1 left so act soon!

They’re actually still available and Diamond Select Toys’ Karloff Mummy could be purchased at diamondselecttoys.com

The Select version of Imhotep himself, The Mummy, features an exclusive “sleeping” sculpt, as well as the full-sized sarcophagus accessory not available to the mass market!


One of the earliest and greatest entries in DST’s award-winning Universal Monsters Select line! DST dug deep into the sands of antiquity to find a monster that could possibly join the legendary Creature from the Black Lagoon and discovered Imhotep himself, The Mummy!The fans have already spoken, hailing this line as the most detailed and accurate depiction of the classic Universal Monsters ever, and this 7″ depiction of the infamous Mummy is proof-positive of DST’s dedication to bringing these iconic monsters to collectors. The Select version features an exclusive “sleeping” sculpt, as well as the full-sized sarcophagus accessory not available to the mass market! The figure retails for $24.99

As always, stay tuned for more and we hope you enjoy the weekend!

(Steven Biscotti – @reggiemantleIII)

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