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Grandpa Munster Statue Coming This September!

This September, Tweeterhead will be releasing a Grandpa Munster Statue in 1:6 scale.  We love The Munsters and enjoy our collectibles, so the Grandpa Munster 1:16 Scale Maquette Statue is a bit of a must have.

Grandpa Munster Statue

Tweeterhead has a history with classic television programs as they’ve presented statues based off of not only The Munsters, but Batman as well.  Offering a high quality statue to the more premium minded collector, Tweeterhead has employed pinup artist Olivia de Berardinis as the painter on the Al Lewis Grandpa Munster Statue.

The Munsters Grandpa Munster 1:6 Scale Maquette Statue

Grandpa Munster is enjoying some “R&R” at the house! The Munsters Grandpa Munster 1:6 Scale Maquette Statue has been wonderfully crafted by the experts at Tweeterhead to capture the uncanny likeness of Al Lewis from the classic TV series, The Munsters! Sitting in his electric chair, enjoying a stogie, and reading his “Playghoul” magazine, Grandpa measures 12-inches tall to the top of his chair.

It’s a really good time for fans of the Universal television series The Munsters as just last week we reported on a collectible Eddie Munster coin being released by Icon Coins.  If you’re a fan as much as we are, now might be the perfect time to start planning on gift ideas for a family member, loved one, friend, stranger, and/or monster.  If you haven’t noticed, Universal Monsters Universe is now an Entertainment Earth affiliate.  They’re a great, reputable company that’s been around for 20 years and chances are if you’re looking for something cool, they’ll have it.

If you’re looking to get the Grandpa Munster Statue by Tweeterhead, you could find it easily at the link provided below.  It releases this September and has a retail price of $264.99 – “really cool expensive stuff.”

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The Munsters Grandpa Munster 1:6 Scale Maquette Statue

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