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Escape From Monster Island #4: The Enemy of My Enemy

Escape From Monster Island

Escape From Monster IslandSince I began writing first for What’cha Reading and now for Universal Monsters Universe, I have maintained a close relationship with Zenescope Entertainment.  I have reviewed a wide variety of their titles for both sites including Van Helsing vs. Dracula and have done interviews with writer Pat Shand and Director of Sales and Marketing, John Lyons.  While Escape From Monster Island may not have Universal Monsters, it has the Zenescope branding which is something that I and Universal Monsters Universe respect, cherish and hope to keep long-term relations with. 

In Escape From Monster Island #4, we join Kelsey and Merrick who are imprisoned by Xorn and his race of warrior creatures.  They mutually agree to help each other to defeat the Elf Queen who has plans of her own.  They venture out into the jungle with Charlie to discover dangerous creatures at every turn.  As if the Elf Queen and the island weren’t dangerous enough, the U.S. Government has its own way of handling the situation.

Escape From Monster IslandFrom the moment the book starts, it has a Lost World feel to it.  The island is set aside for dangerous creatures, humans are sent to study them and chaos ensues leaving those in charge to take drastic action.  Joe Tyler writes a great story.  It shows the emotions that run high in a self-preservation situation such as being stuck on a dangerous island.  Kelsey wants to give the creatures a chance and understand them better while Merrick and Charlie just want to get off the island no matter what.  Carlos Granda’s artwork and Jorge Cortes’s colors capture the beauty and horror of the island’s jungle landscape.  Anthony Spay and Jorge Alberto Cortes give us a great Tomb Raider-inspired cover which is sure to attract the browsing eyes comic book shoppers everywhere.

Escape From Monster Island

Escape From Monster Island is yet another strong title in Zenescope’s vast catalog.  The work they do is brilliant and you can see the hard work behind it.  I have interacted with the staff and they have been nothing but great to me.  The product is a reflection on how great the individuals behind those products are.  I already have a Zenescope title and am always looking to add more.  If you would like to check this title out as well as Zenescope’s other titles, visit your local comic book shop or go to Zenescope.com.

Written by Joe Tyler

Artwork by Carlos Granda

Colors by Jorge Cortes

Cover by Anthony Spay & Jorge Alberto Cortes

25 pages

(Joe Grodensky – @JoeGrodensky)


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