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UMU feat. in Stream This Podcast ‘Mummy’ Episode!

Universal Monsters Universe’s Steven Biscotti guests on ‘The Mummy’ and ‘The Mummy Returns’ themed episode of Stream This Podcast! 

Last week I had the opportunity to speak with Ali Abouomar of Social Magazine and John Loren of Stream This Podcast and Nine Panel for a special The Mummy and The Mummy Returns themed episode of Stream This Podcast.  In a fun, candid, always PG-13, and briefly NSFW podcast, we got to cover both the 1999 and 2001 film by Stephen Sommers and cover the aspects of the story, the cast, and how and if they still hold up today.

The Mummy and The Mummy Returns were just released on Netflix this year and it’s amazing to see so many rediscover these two films by Universal.  1999’s reboot/remake of the 1932 classic, The Mummy is a true adventure movie with horror elements and deserving of its “modern classic” status among film fans and audiences.  During UMU’s “March of Mummies” themed month of Mummy coverage, we looked towards social media (Twitter and Instagram) and we found several great responses as to why 17 years later people still “love Rick O’ Connell.”  As such a fan of Universal’s bandaged monster and of the 1999 version, it’s a lot of fun that people still find the movie relevant and just as entertaining as they found it when it first released.

The Mummy is a throwback to the end of the ‘we can truly characterize the Middle East as anything we want and no one will bat an eye’, or 1999.  All that aside it is a decent body of work that perfectly pits the anti hero Brendon Fraser with the diminutive yet always independent Rachel Weisz.  If you can just focus on the amazing chemistry between those two, as well as a fast paced story then you’re in for a treat. – Ali Abouomar, Social Mag LA

The Mummy was a perfect piece of nostalgia because not only was it a beloved movie from my childhood but a very satisfying adventure/horror movie.  This was the perfect example of updating an older property for a modern film audience. – John Loren, Stream This Podcast/Nine Panel

“It might be very big thing to say but in the way that Jurassic Park holds up, and of how inventive it was and of how fun it was; the re-watchability factor of it, The Mummy has that.” – Steven Biscotti

I had a lot of fun speaking about The Mummy and The Mummy Returns with Ali Abouomar and John Loren for the special Mummy episode of Stream This Podcast.  It’s something that I hope you all enjoy listening to as much as I had recording.  It’s currently available on iTunes so be sure to check that out as well.


Show Notes

0:00 Introductions and Salutations

00:49 Spoiler Alert

4:04 Rank the men in The Mummy & The Mummy Returns

6:24 Brendan Fraser’s dark secret

8:02 Universal Monsters Universe

10:23 UMU’s Three Month Anniversary Contest sponsored by Royal Collectibles http://royalcomicsnyc.com/

12:53 Social Magazine

14:25 The Mummy let’s discuss

15:51 Resurgence of The Mummy thanks to Netflix

21:40 The differences between the 1932 version and the 1999 version

23:40 The fine line between adventure and horror

24:55 Biscotti’s scariest scene

25:05 The Mummy Recap

29:24 CGI Effects in The Mummy

30:58 Intro Narration

31:42 First Battle: Benny and Rick

39:21 The Adventure feel of The Mummy

40:18 The Warden

46:48 Rewatchability

47:30 The Mummy Returns

49:44 The Mummy PSX game

52:49 The diminishing returns of returning bits

55:25 The comedy adventure feel of The Mummy Returns

56:30 Hammy and lazy performances

57:12 How to handle a sequel?

1:00:37 Effects in The Mummy Returns

1:02:50 The Scorpion King

1:07:40 Ratings

podcastAli Abouomar could be found on Twitter @xpressingit

John Loren could be found on Twitter @Johnlor85

& Stream This Podcast on Twitter @StreamThisPod

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