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Liesel Van Helsing is Back With More Monsters!

Van Helsing

Zenescope Entertainment and writer Pat Shand have announced popular vampire hunter Liesel Van Helsing is back in a brand new adventure!  While immediate details are scarce, it is known that Liesel will face off against Frankenstein in none other than Universal Monsters Universe’s own backyard, New York City.

When we last saw Liesel Van Helsing, she was in London fighting off Dracula and saving Mina from his mind-control.  Her job was not done because in the current series Hellchild, she finds out gangs of vampires have revealed themselves.  When she tries to resurrect Hades’s daughter Angelica, she awakens Morgana.  Pat Shand will write this latest Van Helsing series but the artwork and colors are still unknown.  Pat recently tweeted a teaser image of the new series.

It is great to see a company like Zenescope bringing the classic monsters to the forefront once again.  There is no doubt that this new series will be nothing short of exciting.  The universe is so expansive and intertwining so the characters will always live on in one title or another.  Not only will we see Frankenstein but we’ll be introduced to new creatures and monsters living under our noses in New York City. The release comes just ahead of the fall premiere of Syfy’s Van Helsing starring Kelly Overton, which Zenescope has been linked to.

Liesel Van Helsing

It’s a very exciting time for monster and comic book lovers as Zenescope Entertainment has a strong monster and horror presence in the comic book world.  They are a great company with which I and Universal Monsters Universe are grateful to have a strong relationship with.  For more information on Zenescope or to buy one of their titles, you can go to Zenescope.com or your local comic book store.

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