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This Week on ‘Penny Dreadful’ – ‘Blade of Glass.’

Blade of Glass

Ahead of this week’s episode of ‘Penny Dreadful’, UMU takes a quick peak at episode 4 – “Blade of Glass.”

For those watching SHOWTIME’s Penny Dreadful, you’ll know just how entertaining the series is.  Especially for those that are fans of the Universal Monsters.  Penny Dreadful skillfully navigates Victorian London and weaves characters such as Dr. Frankenstein, his Creature, The Wolf Man, and Dracula together in an entertaining and steady way.  The show also features other iconic figures based on the literary monsters that served as the springboard for the classic Universal pictures.

Season 3 of Penny Dreadful introduced us to Count Dracula and last week’s episode furthered his story line in a really fun way.  “Blade of Glass” looks to be just as good so be sure to watch this week’s episode.

SHOWTIME has kept tonight’s plot for “Blade of Glass” relatively simple and mysterious in description so anything goes for the season three, episode four of this week’s Penny Dreadful.  It does, however, look to feature Dr. Seward (Patti LuPone) even more as Vanessa Ives (Eva Green) turns to her for help.

Have you been following season three of Penny Dreadful?  If so, make sure to comment below and let us know what you think.  We’d love to hear from you.

“Blade of Glass” – airs 5/22/2016

Directed by Damon Thomas

Written by John Logan

Vanessa convinces Dr. Seward to use hypnosis to take her back in time.

You could expect the Universal Monsters Universe review of “Blade of Grass” this week.  But until then, we hope you enjoy a few clips from this week’s episode below

Penny Dreadful airs Sunday nights at 10 PM ET on SHOWTIME.  Check your local listings.

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  1. Great clip! Can’t wait for tonight’s episode. Thanks for the sneak peak.


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