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Resident Evil (2002): The Ultimate Spoiler List!

Resident Evil

UMU begins its extended look at “Resident Evil” with a glimpse at some of the most memorable scenes from the 2002 original.

You take a dash of a corrupt and shadowy multi-national corporation, add in some unsanctioned viral and genetic experimentation, throw in a bit of corporate whistleblowing  and finish it off with a heap of kickass action and horror, mix it all up and you get the 2002 hit horror/action film Resident Evil. Resident Evil is a great movie because it has a great plot, who among us has not wondered at least once or twice about the far reach of the world’s real life mega-conglomerates? I mean, do we really know what they’re up to?

In this film, a shady firm called the Umbrella Corp. indulges in illegal experiments and creates a lethal virus, the T-virus, that once released turns the dead into mindless ghouls and transforms infected living victims into mutated monsters.  Why Resident Evil remains one of my favorite movies is that I’m all about a good Zombie film, but I’m even more about a good zombie/action flick with a commanding female protagonist.

Resident Evil was where Milla Jovovich became a Hollywood action star.  In this film, Milla stars as Alice, an amnesiac who finds herself thrown in with a group of secret ops soldiers on a mission to breech the Hive, to shutdown the Red Queen (the RQ is the AI that controls the Hive) and to understand how everything all went wrong. What’s exciting about this film is that both the viewer and Alice discover how truly amazing she is as the film progresses. As situations become more and more dire, Alice’s instincts overcome her amnesia and she steps into her role as an enforcer.

The Resident Evil ultimate spoiler list:


The elevator decapitation scene

resident evil

Indra Ove as “Ms. Black”

The saboteur had just released the T-virus and the Red Queen was beginning to lock down the Hive. A group of Hive employees became trapped in the elevator and one decides to attempt to shimmy through the pried open elevator doors. She gets her head through and gets stuck at the shoulders.  Then the Red Queen starts moving the elevator again and OFF GOES HER HEAD!

The slice ‘em and dice ‘em scene

Resident Evil

Colin Salmon as “One”

While attempting to breech the Red Queen’s chamber, several members of the special ops team becomes trapped in the corridor leading to her chamber. The Red Queen makes quick work of them when she starts her deadly laser show and slices and dices them.

The scene with the zombie hounds

Resident Evil

The Infamous Zombie Doberman!

Alice takes down a pack of zombie Doberman Pinchers as they hunt her throughout the facility and just when they are leaping in for the kill, she takes them out sharp shooter style. There’s just one pup remaining when she runs out of bullets and she runs up a wall, flips and takes out the straggler with a flying kick.

The mutant monster meets train scene

resident evil

Michelle Rodriguez as a zombified “Rain”

We think the final four survivors have made it out of the Hive and are shuttling away to safety on the train when the mutant monster (The Licker) suddenly begins ripping into the train car as if it were a aluminum can. At the same time, Rain (Michelle Rodriguez), loses her fight against the T-virus and reanimates as a zombie.

The fall of Raccoon city

Resident Evil

Milla Jovovich as “Alice”

Alice wakes up in an isolation room at the hospital with IV’s attached throughout the length of her body. She detaches herself and escapes from the hospital only to discover that all of Raccoon City has fallen to the fatal T-virus.

Stay tuned for this week’s extended look at the character of Alice as she evolves within the world of Resident Evil, in Universal Monsters Universe‘s upcoming series “Go Ask Alice.”

(Z. DeVaughn)

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