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Diane Youdale; The She-Wolf of London!

Diane Youdale

Diane Youdale is a fitness athlete, Jet from the British “Gladiators” show, and the She-Wolf of London of MCA Universal!

she-wolfLast month, Chuck Suffel of What’cha Reading and Red Stylo wrote about a sometimes forgotten Universal Monsters film, She-Wolf of London.  He also brought up the MCA Universal television reboot – “She-Wolf of London,” which would later be re-titled “Love and Curses” and aired during 1990 to 1991.  Starring Kate Hodge, “She-Wolf of London” on SyFy was actually more of an actual follow-up/spin-off as opposed to the 1946 film starring June Lockheart.  But unlike She-Wolf of London that never actually featured a “She-Wolf” and the original 1941 classic that had Lon Chaney, Jr. as not only Lawrence Talbot, but the Wolf-Man as well, “She-Wolf of London” didn’t have series star Kate Hodge as the actual She-Wolf!  It had Diane Youdale under make-up and costume, with the approach to the She-Wolf much more like “The Incredible Hulk” featuring Lou Ferrigno.


Diane Youdale was born in the United Kingdom in 1970 and while she’s best known as Jet on the British version of “Gladiators”, her first television appearances were as the She-Wolf.  Youdale was only 19 years old at the time of season one of “She-Wolf of London.”

There isn’t much information available on “She-Wolf of London” and it seems like with most shows that aired during the early 90’s, it’s been left to the memories of those that still endeavor to remember it.  However, an interesting search on Tumblr led to the discovery of “Hell Yeah! She-Wolf of London“, which contained a few supportive facts about the production of the MCA Universal series, primarily concerning Diane Youdale.

“[laughs] Some of the breaks weren’t so glamorous.  This is me playing the She-Wolf of London for HTV and Universal Pictures.  It took four hours to get into make up and three hours to get out of it.  You know, it’s so bizarre; the only thing I recognize was the color of my eyes.  And even then sometimes I didn’t.  Wolf eat your heart out!” – Diane Youdale said in Jet: A Video Profile.

 ← see 1:41 for the “She-Wolf of London” segment.

Diane Youdale didn’t appear in every episode of HTV and MCA Universal’s “She-Wolf of London”, but did go on to perform as Jet for four years on “Gladiators.”  It wasn’t until an accident during a live performance that she left, but Youdale is still just as active as she was then.  She currently resides in England.

Universal has a strong history (no pun intended) with casting certain people for their “monsters.”  They found Lou Ferrigno for The Hulk on the television series, “The Incredible Hulk” and got Diane Youdale for the “She-Wolf of London.”  And while “She-Wolf of London” may not have lasted as long as the other marvelous show, it’s just as important to us fans of the Universal Monsters and Diane Youdale is undeniably just as iconic!


For more on Diane Youdale, you could visit her site at www.dianeyoudale.co.uk

(Steven Biscotti – @reggiemantleIII)

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