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First Images of Van Helsing Vs. Frankenstein Released!

Van Helsing

Back in May, Universal Monsters Universe reported that Zenescope Entertainment and writer Pat Shand were bringing back popular character Liesel Van Helsing for a new series titled Van Helsing vs. Frankenstein.  Zenescope has now released the first images of the new series by artist Leonardo Colapietro and a cover by artists Richard Ortiz and Ylenia Di Napoli.

Van Helsing vs. Frankenstein

It’s no secret I am a huge Zenescope, Liesel Van Helsing and Pat Shand fan.  Van Helsing vs. Dracula was an excellent series and as much as I wanted to see how it ended, I didn’t want it to end.  Luckily, she will return and with her, another classic monster from the Universal catalog. While the images aren’t finished, except for the cover, they look excellent.  We see Liesel in the heat of battle against various monsters including one with a tentacle.  In Van Helsing vs. Dracula, the enemy was Dracula and his vampire minions and Liesel’s allies were Jonathan Harker and Mina Seward.  This begs the question, will we see Dr. Frankenstein or Igor in Van Helsing vs. Frankenstein?  This remains to be seen but I think it would be a great homage to the Frankenstein legacy as a whole.

It goes without saying Pat Shand will give us an excellent story and I would not be surprised if we see more cameos from Robyn Hood and other Zenescope characters in this series.  This is the first time I’ve seen the work of Leonardo Colapietro and I am impressed.  It ranks right up there with Michele Bandini’s work on Van Helsing vs. Dracula.  I loved Richard Ortiz’s and Ylenia Di Napoli’s cover art before and I love it again.  I have very high hopes for this series and I know the Zenescope team will not disappoint.

Van Helsing vs. Frankenstein

For more information on comics, characters and more check out Zenescope.com and be sure to visit your local comic book shop this August to pick up the first issue of Van Helsing vs. Dracula! 





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