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Van Helsing vs. Frankenstein #1: Liesel’s Back!

You just can’t keep a vampire hunter down!  Our girl Liesel Van Helsing is back with more monsters and a new enemy–Frankenstein’s monster!

vanhelsingfrankenstein-d8a0cJoined by Robyn Hood, newlyweds Sam and Marian, her boyfriend Hades and newcomers Franklin and Taylor Shelley, Liesel must save New York from all kinds of creatures, starting with the Moth-Man.  When we hear the names Zenescope, Pat Shand and Liesel Van Helsing, you know something extraordinary is coming together.  “Van Helsing vs. Frankenstein” picks up one year after Van Helsing vs. Dracula concluded.  The story takes on a more romantic tone this time around, putting more focus on the love between Liesel and Hades has grown stronger.  While he still must report to the gods, she is more accepting of it than she was before. While there is romance, there is also terror.  The Moth-Man is the newest creature to appear and is wreaking havoc in upstate New York.  Liesel is joined by creature hunters Franklin and Taylor Shelley on her newest adventure.

Zenescope is such a great company because of how frequently they integrate their characters throughout titles.  There is always something for everyone.  Seeing Robyn, Sam and Marian was a treat and we got to be introduced to the Shelleys.  Just from seeing Moth-Man, it’s easy to tell this series will take on a much darker tone.  Joining writer Pat Shand is artist Leonardo Colapietro who has presented us with outstanding work.  Between Leonardo’s art and Slamet Mujiono’s colors, Liesel and the gang look great!  Richard Ortiz and Ylenia Di Napoli give us a cover that will turn heads and show Liesel Van Helsing means business.

It feels great writing about “Van Helsing vs. Frankenstein.”  I have been a devoted Zenescope reader for over a year now and they never cease to amaze me with their wide variety of titles and characters.  If you have followed our reviews of Van Helsing vs. Dracula, you are familiar with the characters already.  If this is your first experience with Liesel and Zenescope, don’t fret because this is a brand new series and a great introduction.  The characters are very human with emotions and fears.  The story is suspenseful with a mix of love, horror, action and humor to suit everyone’s needs.

Liesel Van Helsing has dedicated her live to keeping the streets of New York City safe from the otherworldly threats that lurk in the night. However, when she teams up with a hunter who is every bit as cunning as she is, the very nature of the hunt is thrown into question. With the tables turned, and Helsing now on the run from an unstoppable foe, she must unite with the creatures of darkness if she wishes to survive.

While you’re reading the Van Helsing series, stay with UMU for coverage of Syfy’s Van Helsing starring Kelly Overton which Zenescope is a part of.

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Written by:  Pat Shand

Artwork by:  Leonardo Colapietro

Colors by:  Slamet Mujiono

Cover by:  Richard Ortiz and Ylenia Di Napoli

25 pages

Available August 10, 2016

(Joe Grodensky – @JoeGrodensky)

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