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Syfy’s Van Helsing Slays At San Diego Comic Con!

Van Helsing

The build up of Syfy’s Van Helsing has been nothing short of exciting from the announcement of Kelly Overton as Vanessa Helsing to Zenescope’s involvement to the premiere date to season one’s shooting wrap.  San Diego Comic Con is here and has given us new material to sink our teeth into.

Van Helsing stars Kelly Overton (Vanessa Helsing), Jonathan Scarfe (Axel) and Christopher Heyerdahl (Sam) were joined by executive producers Simon Barry, Chad Oakes, Mike Frislav and showrunner Neil LaBute (via phone) as they answered questions about the show and presented a new image from the show.  Overton is no stranger to action or vampires as her past credits include Tekken and True Blood so it was not hard to prepare herself for this role. “I just kept that up and bulked up the weights, to get as strong as I could.”   She was asked what her biggest inspiration was for the role and her answer did not disappoint, “I went back to Ripley for this.”  You read it right–Ripley, played by Sigourney Weaver in the Aliens franchise.  That is quite the inspiration to strike fear into man-eating creatures.

The newest image of Vanessa Helsing gives an urban warzone backdrop.  It is dark, gritty and evokes the idea of death at every turn.  While it looks like she’s in the clear, she is holding that gun high because she doesn’t know what will be there when she turns around.  Aside from a new image, the first trailer was shown giving viewers a peek into what’s in store when the show hits the airwaves on September 23.  If you cannot wait that long and I know I can’t, Syfy announced they will be showing the pilot following Sharknado 4 on Sunday, July 31 at 10pm…commercial free!

There is so much to look forward to when it comes to Syfy’s Van Helsing.  There are elements of The Walking Dead, Mad Max and even Buffy:  The Vampire Slayer.  The cast and crew are veterans of the business who have been on hit series before and want to ensure this show will be a hit.  I personally cannot wait for July 31 for the pilot and September 23 for the official start of season one.  Be sure to check out Collider’s interview with Kelly and the gang below.

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