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There’s More Van Helsing Where That Came From!

Van Helsing

Yesterday, Universal Monsters Universe reported on Syfy’s Van Helsing at San Diego Comic-Con.  There was a panel, along with new images, as well as the first trailer.  It was a lot to digest and we are now ready to serve you a second helping.

As San Diego Comic-Con rolls along into the weekend, new images of Van Helsing have been presented via social media and websites such as The Hollywood Reporter.  The first new image is of two villains Vanessa and the gang will encounter in the show, Rebecca (Laura Mennell) and Dmitri (Paul Johansson).  The vampires in the show are said to “have needs, histories, backstories,” according to executive producer Simon Barry. “I think that’ll point people away from comparisons.” Vampires in Van Helsing are fully-functioning beings and not the mindless zombies of The Walking Dead nor are they immortal as usually depicted.  We have vampires who have retained their human qualities even if they are not considered human anymore.

It will be interesting to see what the two villains in Rebecca and Dmitri are like and where they fit into the Van Helsing universe.

van helsing 1

L to R: Laura Mennell & Paul Johannson


The next two pictures, which appeared on hollywoodreporter.com and dailynews.com, show the group in a shot reminiscent of a scene out of The Walking Dead as Vanessa and her group must keep moving to survive; destroy anything that gets in their way.  Judging from the big backpacks and bigger guns, there will be no shortage of action in this show. 

Van Helsing

Van Helsing

While the trailer has not been officially released for general public viewing, these new images have been doing the trick while we wait.  I’m already a fan of the show because of the creative twist they put on the Van Helsing name.  Syfy’s Van Helsing is certainly going to be quite an original and fun series to watch.

What we know is that Vanessa wakes up from a deep sleep, discovers she has special abilities and uses them to fight vampires.  In an Aliens like twist, Vanessa must also search for her daughter in this new world.  I think we’re going to see something that goes beyond the fight to survive in a dangerous world.

Van Helsing officially premieres September 23rd, but you can see the first episode commercial free on July 31st after Sharknado 4 on Syfy.  Save the date!

(Joe Grodensky – @JoeGrodensky)

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