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We’ve got Frankenstein’s Monster, but we’ve lost Dracula!


One of the biggest questions fans of the upcoming Universal Monsters films have is “Will we see a Dracula Untold sequel?” The possibility of Luke Evans returning or not to the series has been speculated on since 2014 and we now have answers.

We have unfortunate news to report today, especially for those fans of 2014’s Dracula Untold.  It has been reported by Justin Kroll and corroborated by one of our sources that the Gary Shore directed picture starring Luke Evans will not be a part of the upcoming Monsters Universe of films.  You could check out what Justin Kroll of Variety had to say below:

While this will certainly come as a disappointment to many that were holding out for a Dracula Untold sequel or seeing Luke Evans return as Universal’s most famous of monsters, sadly hopes of seeing this version included in the universe filled with the likes of Sofia Boutella as The Mummy and Johnny Depp as The Invisible Man are as dead as a vampire with a stake through the heart.

Despite Luke Evans not reprising his role as Dracula, actors like Frank Langella and Gary Oldman also only portrayed the character once.  No matter who comes next, Evans will always be Dracula and fans will still have Dracula Untold as another chapter in the long running history of Dracula on film.


Image via THR

On another note regarding the Monsters Universe, we previously reported on Javier Bardem circling the role of Frankenstein, but it was never clarified if it’d be for the role of Frankenstein’s Monster or Dr. Victor Frankenstein, himself.  We now know that Bardem would appear as Frankenstein’s Monster!  The plan would be to include him in the series in the same capacity as Russell Crowe’s Dr. Henry Jekyll.  While there is no word on whether we could see Bardem in a solo film, it’s more than likely Frankenstein’s Monster will have already been in existence by the time of the currently in development The Bride of Frankenstein movie (which could possibly see Angelina Jolie headline.)

As always, stay tuned to Universal Monsters Universe for the latest news and developments regarding the Universal Monsters movies of old and new.

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