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Universal Monsters Universe turns 7 months old today after launching on February 11, 2016.

It’s amazing to think that Universal Monsters Universe has been in operation for seven months already.  Launching on February 11, 2016 with the casting announcement of Johnny Depp as Dr. Jack Griffin in The Invisible Man, we have continually prided ourselves on becoming a hub for all things related to the currently in development Monsters Universe movies, while also paying respects to the original classics.  But chief among everything else, we would not be what we are in seven months without all of you.

We’ve been having so much fun presenting the classics and modern takes on the Universal Monsters to you, and we hope you’ve been enjoying as much as we have had putting them together.  Hopefully there’s something for all of you; be it with the weekly “Sunday’s With…” column, regular updates chronicling the production of Alex Kurtzman’s The Mummy, and general classic monsters coverage.  We have some really fun things planned that we hope you’ll stick around for and a contest or two that we know you’ll want to enter.

The community of classic monsters fans and horror enthusiasts is quite the special one and unlike many other fan bases.  While we do love comic books and super heroes, seldom do you ever have personal civil wars over the likes of Dracula and The Mummy, or King Kong and Godzilla.  Maybe you’ll see a disagreement over The Mummy 1999 and natural concerns over the upcoming re-imagining starring Sofia Boutella and Tom Cruise, but that’s about it.  In a world of supernatural and scientific monsters, there’s a lot of love for the characters that are supposed to haunt and thrill.  Just like Dracula himself, the Universal Monsters will always live on!

It has not escaped us that today is September 11 and fifteen years ago we were all touched by an unforgettable moment of terror and tragedy.  In a sentiment we’ve issued before, we look forward to the day that the only real monsters in the world are the ones we enjoy on film.

– Team UMU

(Feat. art by Vincent Jimenez)

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Mild mannered reporter, Steven Biscotti, has an avid interest in all things comic books, movies, and music (especially pertaining to Coldplay.) He stands 5'7" tall and prides himself on being the same height as Tom Cruise. Steven's favorite monster movie? "The Mummy (1999)."

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