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From Dusk Till Dawn Gives Us The Family Reunion From Hell

From Dusk Till Dawn

In last week’s episode of From Dusk Till Dawn, we saw the return of Tom Savini to the franchise as Burt who is actually an ancient warrior who may be powerful enough to defeat Amaru.  In this week’s episode, Scott Fuller (Brandon Soo Hoo) resurfaces for the first time since the season two finale.  The family reunion will get very interesting.

“Fanglorious” Aired 9/20/2016 ***** stars

Written by Marcel Rodriguez

Directed by Eagle Egilsson

*spoilers contained within*

The opening to this week’s episode of From Dusk Till Dawn rocked the house as we see Scott performing with his culebra band where he asks his fans, “Are you saints or are you sinners?”  They then proceed to cut their hands and perform what seems to be a blood bond of sorts when Scott grabs their hands.  In a later scene, a fan with a rather dark history finds out what it really does.  Kate and Scott do meet up but it’s not your typical family reunion, which is something Richie (Zane Holtz) and Seth (D.J. Cotrona) use to their advantage.  Amaru dispatches her Jaguar Warriors to thwart the Geckos and take Scott.

It was nice to see an episode devoted to Scott and what happened to him since the events of season two.  He is a fascinating character because although he is a culebra, he still retains his humanity, especially when it comes to Kate and what happened to her as he watched.  When Ranger Gonzalez (Jessie Garcia) gets involved, Scott turns in defense of Kate.  The Jaguar Warriors were really cool and the fight scenes with them were well-done.  The ending of the show with Richie and the girl he meets at a bar was shocking and well-done all at once.

From Dusk Till Dawn is a great show for so many reasons.  It sticks to the source material of the 1996 film while branching out into its own entity.  It takes the beloved characters from the film and gives them more personality, history and a new side that the movie never showed us.  While it is dark and bloody, there is plenty of humor to go around.  D.J. Cotrona as Seth reminds me of George Clooney which makes him perfect for the role.  It’s a fantastic show created by the fantastic Robert Rodriguez.

From Dusk Till Dawn airs Tuesdays at 9pm on El Rey Network.  Check your local listings.

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