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Dracula Untold’s Luke Evans Talks Universal Monsters Universe!

Luke Evans

While promoting his latest film, actor Luke Evans spoke about the upcoming Universal Monsters Universe and his Dracula.

While promoting his upcoming film, The Girl on the Train, actor Luke Evans spoke about his Dracula and the upcoming Monsters Universe.  While nothing entirely new is revealed, the actor is a favorite among many fans and his role as Dracula was originally considered a part of the in development Monsters Universe of films.

“There have been talks and conversations. I think the bigger picture is exciting for all the monsters that they own. There is talk about it. I just don’t know how it will all manifest itself. I think it will happen and I think they’re just working out how these monsters interact and how they end up in the same realm with each other. If they can stick Captain America in a scene with Iron Man and Thor, I think you can definitely put Wolf Man, the Invisible Man, The Mummy and Dracula in the same film as well.”

While Luke Evans does speak about “talks and conversations,” he does not go on to offer any concrete information as to whether or not he’ll be the one to appear as Dracula in an upcoming film set in the Monsters Universe.  While many fans would love to see Evans return in a film post 2017’s The Mummy, especially considering the modern day ending that creative architects Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan oversaw, it does remain unlikely.  This past summer we reported that Evans’ Dracula would not be reappearing through various sources and on July 26th, Justin Kroll of Variety reported that Gary Shore’s Dracula Untold is “not a part of [the Universal Monster Universe].

Dracula Untold is a fan favorite film and there’s a great amount of support for Luke Evans and his version of the iconic vampire made famous through Bela Lugosi’s performance in Tod Browning’s classic.  Just view the tweets on Twitter and you’ll see that many would be thrilled to see Luke Evans alongside Sofia Boutella, Russell Crowe, Johnny Depp, and Javier Bardem.

While we aren’t expecting Luke Evans to return as Dracula, it’d sure be great seeing that connective thread throughout the series considering Dracula Untold released not more than 2 years ago.  As always, stay tuned to Universal Monsters Universe for the latest and be sure to leave your comments below as to whether or not you’d like to see Evans return or someone new cast in the role of Bram Stoker’s vampire.


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  1. No one else could replace Luke Evans as Vlad…Dracula Untold! You know how his fans from all social networks and the world! Really, they need to continue the storyline. Guarantee a blockbuster!

  2. Pleases Luke come back and continue this new bloodline, finger cross to see you in the mummy reboot film.


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