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Hulu Releases Second Teaser of Survival for “Freakish”.


Following last week’s teaser, Hulu has released a second preview for their new series “Freakish”.

Ahead of its series premiere on Monday, October 10th, Hulu has released the second teaser for Freakish.  Entitled “Survival,” the atmospheric new teaser offers us a glimpse at the horror that lies ahead.

The teen, horror series features Liza Koshy, Meghan Rienks, Hayes Grier and Melvin Gregg as well as traditional actors such as Leo Howard (“Kickin’ It”) and Aislinn Paul (“Heroes Reborn”) and Chad L. Coleman (“The Walking Dead”); Freakish will be the services first Halloween themed series and will kick off #FreakWeek, which will see Tumblr air two new episodes from AwesomenessTV.  Viewers and fans could find Freakish on its Tumblr page and watch the new episodes for a limited time during #FreakWeek.

#FreakWeek is a first-of-its-kind event that will allow all fans and viewers to preview and discover Freakish for free on Tumblr (for a limited time), or stream the entire series on Hulu anytime.

Hulu and Tumblr are two of the leading platforms that have steadily found increasing new ways to deliver fun content and engage with fans in a unique way.  #FreakWeek sounds like an exciting opportunity for fans to not only discover a frighteningly new series, but to also begin getting into the Halloween spirit.  So if steady doses of the classic Universal Monsters films aren’t enough for you, we strongly recommend checking out Freakish.

During Saturday detention, bells ring signaling a containment drill and evacuation – not out of the ordinary for a town with a large chemical plant. The 20 students and the basketball coach retreat to the school fallout shelter for the duration of the drill. Only it’s not a drill… When the sirens stop and they return to the school lobby, they find their town has been decimated by an explosion. They see no signs of life outside their high school’s front doors. More frightening, those who were not in the bunker appear to be infected…

Freakish premiers Monday, October 10th on Hulu with all ten episodes available for streaming.

(Steven Biscotti – @reggiemantleIII)

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