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Syfy’s Van Helsing Goes Down A Dark, Twisted Path

Van Helsing

In last week’s second episode of Van Helsing, we were taken back to 2016 when the volcano erupts, turning everyone from the Midwest to the Pacific Coast into vampires.  Vanessa (Kelly Overton) is with her daughter Dylan before she is attacked and we see Doc (Rukiya Bernard) when she was human, trying to help Vanessa while being guarded by Axel (Jonathan Scarfe), John (David Cubitt) and the rest of the Marines.  In this week’s episode, we get to learn more about the first vampire Vanessa turned at the end of episode one.

“Stay Inside”  Aired 9/30/16 ***** stars

Written by Jackie May

Directed by Michael Nankin

*spoilers contained within*

Before we get to the recap/review, I must warn you this episode was very graphic and had some very disturbing moments.  If you have not seen this episode yet, be advised that the opening scenes are very hard to watch.  With that said, the episode focuses on Flesh (Vincent Gale) who, as mentioned above, is the first vampire to bite Vanessa and turn human again.  When he was human the first time, he was an average working man with a wife and two children living in a beautiful house in Seattle.  As he is trying to figure out what is going on, he is bitten by a vampire and is turned himself.  Fast forwarding to 2019, we see him being hosed down by the team who have their faces covered and their weapons at the ready just in case an incident should occur.

As mentioned earlier, this episode is very graphic and there are disturbing scenes.  The very first scene looks like something out of The Hills Have Eyes.  We see a hulking, brooding vampire sucking the blood out of passed out addicts in a drug den.  He then proceeds to attack everyone in his path who in turn attack each other.  There is blood, gore and death everywhere.  The whole cast deserves a lot of credit for this episode, especially Vincent Gale who plays Flesh.  The scenes with his family and when he tells Vanessa about what he did to his family were hard to watch and hear never mind actually act out.  Jonathan Scarfe and Kelly Overton have great chemistry together and who knows, maybe Axel and Vanessa will have a thing going as the season progresses.  It was nice to see Mohamad (Trezzo Mahoro) take on a featured role along with Sam (Christopher Heyerdahl).  Heyerdahl did an amazing job with the sign language and playing a mute person.

Unlike the dark overtones, Van Helsing has a bright future ahead of it.  The storyline is a refreshing take on a classic concept and the cast is well put together.  Yes, there will probably be more episodes like this which will leave us wondering if we’ll be able to sleep after watching them but that’s a good thing.  It shows the crew is willing to go to great lengths to keep us hooked and wanting more.  I believe we as people like to be shocked or have our emotions triggered no matter how much we deny it.  It stimulates our senses, gets the blood pumping and makes us think.  If the show keeps up the direction it’s going, I see a second season in its future.

Van Helsing airs Fridays at 10pm on Syfy.  Check your local listings.

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