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Wait, is it National Boyfriend Day or National Brendan Fraser Day?


UMU is celebrating National Boyfriend Day with Brendan Fraser’s Rick O’Connell.

Today is recognized as National Boyfriend Day and that had us thinking of the initials “BF.”  When we think of “BF” we think of the popular actor Brendan Fraser, who starred in the 1999 reboot of the 1932 classic, The Mummy.  We’ve spoken about The Mummy in regards to it’s modern classic status, the soundtrack by Jerry Goldsmith, and of how all these years later, fans still love the character of Rick O’Connell.  So in celebrating National Boyfriend Day, we decided to re-watch The Mummy and take a look at our top five moments that exemplify just why Brendan Fraser’s O’Connell was/is the quintessential matinee idol and cinematic boyfriend!

I. “Filthy, rude, complete scoundrel, nothing to like there at all.” – Jonathan [John Hannah]


Rick O’Connell shows up clean shaven and with a fresh haircut at the Giza Port.  After meeting Evelyn [Rachel Weisz] in prison, he understands the importance of a first impression and why it’s important to always look nice for your lady and her family.

Always know when to clean up, shave, and get a haircut.  And don’t underestimate the importance of owning a fine, tailored sports coat.

II. “Apparently, he had a very good time.” – Warden Gad Hassan [Omed Djalili]


Rick shows up right in the nick of time to save Evelyn.  Outnumbered by Imhotep’s mummified priests, he takes them out in a very Harryhausen way, and then shrugs it off.

No matter what the situation, always try to keep a level-headed approach, and try to have a good time.  If things look really bad, just blame it on the undead.

III. “See that girl. She saved my neck.” – Rick

national boyfriend day

After being thrown in prison, Rick gets a stroke of luck in his life with the arrival of Evelyn Carnahan, whose persuasion gets him out of a death sentence. Rick then joins Evelyn on the expedition, unknowing that this very moment he has just met the woman that will eventually become his wife..

Gratitude toward those who help you is best shown in your actions.  And sometimes the best things in life happen when you least expect them to.

IV. “The Book of the Dead? Are you sure you wanna be messing around with this thing?” – Rick  

national boyfriend day

When Evelyn steals, sorry, borrows the Book of the Dead, including the book’s key, Rick shows his concern for Evelyn’s safety.

Look out for those you care about, especially adventurous albeit clumsy librarians.

V. “Rescue the damsel in distress, kill the bad guy, save the world.” – Rick


The Mummy ends with Rick, Evelyn, and Jonathan riding off into the sunset.  Having defeated Imhotep and saving the world, Rick and Evelyn finally embrace.  Unbeknownst to them, Beni [Kevin J. O’Connor] left their camels saddled with treasure from Hamunaptra.

Sometimes real treasure is finding someone you love, especially if it’s born out of a monster sized adventure.  And if the undead are involved, even better.

So to all of the fledgling Rick O’Connell’s out there who may or may not have found their Evy’s, always remember to go prepared, don’t read from certain books aloud, stay away from scarabs, always have a cat around, and sometimes having “more balls than brains” isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Here’s to Brendan Fraser and Rick O’ Connell on National Boyfriend Day!

(Steven Biscotti – @reggiemantleIII

& Peter David Zhong)

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