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From Dusk Till Dawn Gets Us Into The Halloween Mood!

From Dusk Till Dawn

In last week’s episode of From Dusk Till Dawn, the sleepy town of Shady Glen became ground zero for a xibalban insect swarm that turned the residents into mindless cannibals.  If they were not directly bitten by the bugs, they were turned by drinking the contaminated water supply.  Richie (Zane Holtz), Seth (D.J. Cotrona) and the others were able to figure out the source of the infection and stop whatever was responsible.  As scary as that sounds, it pales in comparison to what this week’s episode brought us.

“STRAITJACKET” Aired 10/4/2016 *****stars

Written by Fernanda Coppel

Directed by Rebecca Rodriguez

*spoilers contained within*

The episode opens to a flashback when Kate (Madison Davenport) wakes up in Nicotero State Hospital after she has become possessed by Amaru.  We see her eyes turn red as she attacks a doctor and staff members.  However, she discovers she has the power to control people and uses one of the orderlies to do her dirty work.  Fast forward to the present day and Richie is in one of the rooms.  Kate/Amaru appears and takes control of him, forcing him to kill all of his friends.  According to her, he will be taken to Xibalba where he will live a long, peaceful life.  Richie obeys and wields his switchblade with speed and deadly precision.

This was the first episode of From Dusk Till Dawn for the month of October and it certainly put us in that Halloween mood.  Rebecca Rodriguez did a great job as director scaring the pants off of us without things popping out or heads being chopped off.  The episode was just plain creepy.  Zane Holtz was excellent as possessed Richie especially using that knife against Burt (Tom Savini), Sex Machine (Jake Busey) and Ximena (Emily Rios).  The episode was reminiscent of a haunted house attraction at an amusement park with the eerie silence and not knowing if the next room you walk into will be the one that gets you.  The scene when Seth is talking to Pablo as Pablo gets slashed by Richie was good for a jump and a scream.  All you see is glass, blood and Richie’s face as he licks the blood.  We even got to see how close Ranger Gonzalez (Jesse Garcia) and Ximena have gotten over time in an intimate scene.  The teaming of Scott with Burt and Sex Machine was a great move by the writers.  They are great together and provide some dark humor.

This had to be From Dusk Till Dawn‘s creepiest episode to date.  Between the traps, colorful assortment of weapons and climactic ending it had my attention from beginning to end.  The fight scenes were great and the relationship between Seth and Richie was taken to a whole new level.  This show gets better and better every episode and as long as it keeps doing what it’s doing, it will be around for a long time.

(Joe Grodensky – @JoeGrodensky)

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