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American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare – CROATOAN!

My Roanoke Nightmare

American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare

Chapter 3


AHS 6 introduces Cricket Marlowe (played by Leslie Jordan), delves into the story of the Croatoan/The Roanoke Lost Colony and gives us the back story of Thomasin “The Butcher” White.  In this episode, the mystery of what happened to little Flora deepens and we are carried along on the Miller family’s struggle to find her and to bring order back to their lives.  With the sudden appearance of a psychic the Millers discover that the odd occurrences that have been plaguing them have less to do with hateful hillbilly neighbors and everything to do with the supernatural.  Let’s get into some of my highlights for this episode.


  • Introducing Cricket!


When Cricket bursts into the Millers’ home, tells the family that he has the gift of sight and that a spirit came to him and told him that Flora isn’t dead, I was skeptical.  Immediately I think that this guy is not a real clairvoyant, partly because I get a grifter vibe from him and partly because I was always taught that it’s a sin to profit off of your spiritual gifts.  But when he conducts a séance and communicates with the murderous spirit of a long dead Croatoan colonist, my con artist theory goes out the door and I begin to hope that Cricket can actually help find Flora.  With his help (and the “donation” of $25,000) they were able to negotiate a deal with The Butcher.  The Millers agreed to leave the property and to burn down the farmhouse so that no others will live on the land once they’re gone.  For her end of the deal, The Butcher agrees not to kill them all and that she will help to get Flora back from a ghost girl named Priscilla.  This all seems too neat and convenient for an AHS storyline to me.  Will this all work out?


  • The Butcher and the Croatoan Connection

It’s hard not to get all History Channel on you now and that’s partly because I actually looked up some info on The Croatoan/The Roanoke Lost Colony on the History Channel website after watching this episode but the mystery of the Lost Colony is a great one to explore on a show like AHS.  For now, I’m going to stick with the AHS storyline of what happens to these lost colonists.  In this episode we learn that Thomasin “The Butcher” White was the wife of the leader of this group of colonists. She is left in charge of the group when her husband returns to England for supplies.  In his absence the group falls on lean times and they have to ration out the meager food that they have left.  Because of this, the group turns against her, locks her head in a cage and casts her out into the wilderness to die.  Starving and alone, Thomasin believes she’s at death’s door and that is when she meets what can be described as either a witch or ghost in the woods, who offers her a still beating heart for sustenance, if only Thomasin will give over her soul to her.  Thomasin accepts, is released from her shackles and regains her strength.  She returns to her village and unleashes her vengeance on those who cast her out.  To me, this is when she truly becomes The Butcher.  Watching as she sets off to dispatching those men who betrayed her, I can sort of understand her fury.  She was only parceling out the food in as fair and decent manner as she thought possible.  Because they felt they were owed more is no reason for them to have cast her out to her death, so now she just paying them back the favor I suppose.


  • Dead eyed  Forest F***


I can’t finish up this piece and not mention the eyes-glazed-over sex scene in the woods with Matt and the same witch/ghost lady that saved The Butcher when she was near death in the woods.  The whole scene was too bizarre when you start with the two hick masturbators who were standing there watching Matt and the lady going at it.  It was obvious that Matt was in some sort of hypnotic state and that makes me wonder if this woman has the power to take over someone’s mind or body.  Later on, after Matt regains his senses and makes his way home we learn that he has no recollection of the incident.  This was an incredibly creepy moment to me.  Just imagining that someone has control of your mind/body and is forcing you to violate yourself is terrible.

All of the strange occurrences are taking its toll on the Miller family.  At the end of this episode, we saw the family promising to commit arson, having zombified anonymous sex and snitching on each other to the cops.  Let’s see how far down the rabbit hole The Butcher & co. can take them.  Until next time folks!

American Horror Story airs on FX, Wednesday nights at 10 pm EST.  Check your local listings.

(Z. DeVaughn)

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