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Universal Hires New Screenwriter for “The Wolf Man”!

Lon Chaney, Jr.

Screenwriter Dave Callaham will be the latest writer to draft the upcoming reboot of “The Wolf Man” for Universal under the Monsters Universe of interconnected films.

the wolf manWhile news has been relatively quiet regarding the rest of the Universal Monsters Universe of films, The Hollywood Reporter has exclusively announced that screenwriter Dave Callaham (The ExpendablesGodzilla) has just been hired to write The Wolf Man. Previously, Aaron Guzikowski of Prisoners was attached to the upcoming reboot and as of right now it is his first draft of the screenplay that Dave Callaham will be working off of.

Callaham, known for his quick paced, witty, and fun style, seems like a good fit for the Universal Monsters Universe team. While Aaron Guzikowski is certainly more of a psychological bent writer, the addition of Callaham could add a Mummy style sense of adventure to the upcoming reboot of the 1941 classic, The Wolf Man. While the ’41 classic was an inherently dark film, Lon Chaney Jr and Evelyn Ankers brought a sense of fun to the picture with their undeniable on-screen chemistry.

Interestingly, Dave Callaham just sold his pitch entitled Another Mother to New Line, with Dwayne Johnson attached to star. It was previously reported that Dwayne Johnson was being courted to portray The Wolf Man in the upcoming reboot. Whether or not he’d be playing the role of Larry Talbot, just as Lon Chaney Jr and Benicio Del Toro did, remains to be seen. However, with Chris Morgan as one of the creative architects behind the Universal Monsters Universe and having a relationship with Dwayne Johnson through the Fast and Furious franchise, it is looking more and more likely that the wrestler/actor/businessman could very well be howling at the moon in the coming years.

While there is no current specified release date for The Wolf Man, it is believed to be opening sometime in either 2018 or 2019.

Executive vp Jon Mone and vp Jay Polidoro will oversee production on behalf of Universal. Dave Callaham is repped by UTA and Kaplan/Perrone.

As always, stay tuned to Universal Monsters Universe for the latest on the currently in development Universal Monsters films, starting with the June 2017 release of The Mummy, starring Sofia Boutella and Tom Cruise.

(Steven Biscotti – @reggiemantleIII)

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