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Van Helsing Fights Back While The Group Fights For Survival

Van Helsing

There is great news on the Van Helsing front as the show has been renewed for a second season!  In the last episode, Vanessa (Kelly Overton) and Mohammed (Trezzo Mahoro) venture out of the hospital to find their loved ones.  They do not find them, but they find a group of survivors surrounded by vampires.  Mohammed takes the group back but Vanessa is captured and taken to Julius (Aleks Paunovic).

“Fear Her” Aired 10/14/16 *****stars

Written by Jeremy Smith & Matt Venables

Directed by David Frazee

*spoilers contained within*

The vampires may have thought they knew about Vanessa Helsing, but they got way more than they bargained for when she is thrown into a vampire fight club and turns one of them human.  That vampire happened to be Susan (Hilary Jardine), Vanessa’s neighbor in the apartment complex she lived in before the volcano.  They escape the arena but must find their way out of the building with a trail of vampires chasing them.  Back at the hospital, Axel (Jonathan Scarfe) and the others are taken hostage by the survivors and locked in a holding cell after John (David Cubitt) tells them one of their members was murdered.

Whether it’s escaping vampires or trying to stop a group of outsiders from taking over, the theme of this week’s Van Helsing was survival.  Episodes like this are great because they show us human behavior in crisis situations and how instinct drives us when there’s nothing left to lose.  The stand-off between Axel’s group in the cell and the survivors was well-written and well-performed.  It was psychological in a way because we see John panicking but the others remaining calm.  Mohammed even “confesses” to save the others, or at least he thinks he’s going to save the others.  Vanessa and Susan are having a hard time escaping Julius and his vampire army but keep going because they know they have to in order to stay alive.  Jeremy Smith and Matt Venables did a great job with this episode.

I could not help my excitement upon hearing Van Helsing was renewed for a second season.  The show is great and deserved another season.  There is so much more that can be done with this show and it’s the type of show that can last a very long time.  It’s fast-paced, psychological and has that underlying scare factor.  Kelly Overton is perfect for the role and Vanessa is a great female character.  She has beauty, brains and is not afraid to stand up and fight back.  We need more of her and characters like her on television these days.

Van Helsing airs Friday nights at 10pm on Syfy.  Check your local listings.

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