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Zenescope Set To Release Hellchild: The Unholy This Fall!


As you know, Universal Monsters Universe has developed a close relationship with Zenescope and one of its writers, Pat Shand.  We have been covering Pat’s Van Helsing vs… series and we are proud to announce Pat has started a new series Hellchild: The Unholy.  The new title features Angelica Blackstone, daughter of Hades who is resurrected with the help of Liesel Van Helsing.


The premiere issue of Hellchild: The Unholy begins with an introduction to New York City’s seedy supernatural underbelly.  There’s a cult of snake owners and a monster fight club where Angelica Blackstone dominates, to the hatred of those who run it.  When she wins her latest fight, the owners have no choice but to see how many more rounds she can go out on the streets.  Will Angelica show them she is worthy of her winnings or will they prove her to be a false champion?

If you have not read the previous Hellchild series or Van Helsing, do not fret, this new series is completely independent.  Pat Shand gives us a brief background of Angelica which is enough to get new readers filled in before starting the story.  The story is great because it takes those Van Helsing overtones and applies to them to something fresh.  Angelica was re-introduced perfectly.  We see her in the fight club, taking out monsters left and right.  We get a taste of her personality and what we can expect from the series.  Renzo Rodriguez may be new to Zenescope, but has already shown he is a talented artist.  I cannot wait to see more from him.  Walter Baiamonte’s colors set an eerie tone to go with the story.  Sheldon Goh and Sanju Nivangune did a great job teaming up for some killer cover art.

I have been covering Zenescope for over a year now and every title I reviewed has been five star.  Not only do they have great titles, but they have great people working for them.  I am lucky to be doing business with such a great company and look forward to working with them for a very long time.  Be sure to pick up Hellchild: The Unholy at your local comic book shop on November 2.  To learn more about other titles, check out zenescope.com.

Written by Pat Shand

Art by Renzo Rodriguez

Colors by Walter Baiamonte

Cover Art by Sheldon Goh and Sanju Nivangune

27 pages

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