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UMU Chats With The Walking Dead’s Chad Coleman At NYCC!

Chad Coleman

When it comes to New York Comic Con, anything is possible.  Universal Monsters Universe was lucky enough to have an impromptu interview with Chad Coleman, a former cast member of one of television’s biggest hit shows.

The Walking Dead is set to premiere very soon and as I sat in the press lounge, I was asked if I would like to Chad Coleman, known to fans as Tyreese.  I immediately jumped on the opportunity.  It was a short interview but gave us a glimpse into Chad’s post-Walking Dead career.

Chad Coleman

Joe Grodensky:  My name is Joe I’m from Universal Monsters Universe.

Chad Coleman:  Okay.  What are we doing on camera?

JG:  Just right here on the recorder.

CC:  Okay go ahead.

JG:  What can you tell us about Treadwater?

CCTreadwater is a trans-media franchise that’s about to blow up.  It’s right here, it’s right now.  It’s a graphic novel, video game, interactive web series and we’re developing it into a television show.  It takes place fifteen years into the future, the Euro drops that’s what’s going on in the world right now and then there’s this mass chaos in the world and Treadwater’s got to bring peace to the world.

JG:  So would you say it’s sort of Walking Dead in a way in the sense of the chaos?

CC:  Yeah, but it’s very real world in the sense that the scenario and the synopsis is not a hypothesis at all.  It’s a very real reality.

JG:  Speaking of Walking Dead, what was the best part of being Tyreese and being on the show in general?

CC:  Well, representing the African-American male who had sensitivity and cared about people and took care of kids and was very thoughtful and pragmatic in his approach to violence.  That was awesome to play.  I’m on Arrow as well, man.

JG:  Yes, that’s right.

CC:  I play Tobias Church.  I’m playing a bad guy, not a bad guy but he’s a villain, man and he’s going after Oliver he’s going after Arrow, one in the same.  It’s amazing and he’s maniacal so it’s nice to go from that thoughtful guy Tyreese to this maniacal dude.  It’s awesome.

JG:  You’re going from horror to super heroes.  How’s that?

CC:  Well, you know it all starts on the page, it’s wonderful writing in both of those camps so I’m just taking advantage of what they’re putting on the page.

JG:  Alright.  I know you’re on a schedule.  Thank you so much.

CC:  Cool beans, man.  Alright, brother.

Chad Coleman

Universal Monsters Universe would like to thank Chad Coleman for taking time out of his schedule to allow our interview and Nat Prinzi for helping us set it up.  We look forward to current and future Treadwater products and endeavors. 

(Joe Grodensky – @JoeGrodensky)

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