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“FIX ME!” An Alternative Look at PlaySkool’s Big Frank Toy!

Big Frank

Thanks to our friends at Alternative Mindz, we have a look at PlaySkool’s Big Frank toy

The Talking Monster Pal Kids Love To Fix. In colorful yellow lettering, that’s what adorned the package of PlaySkool’s Frankenstein Monster toy. Named “Big Frank,” PlaySkool had a monster sized (literally) toy on their hands during the early 90’s. Electronic toys were a big thing during the early 90’s, especially considering that they were so new. What made Big Frank so exciting was that he was “a combination of a talking toy, a kids fix it set, and operation,” according to Rob Base of Alternative Mindz.

The classic Universal Monsters made an unforgettable resurgence during the 90’s, with the classic monsters appearing on toy shelves, home goods, and the U.S. Post Office stamps. And that’s only to name a few of the places the likes of Dracula and Frankenstein’s Monster were appearing. While PlaySkool’s Big Frank wasn’t necessarily a Universal licensed Universal Monsters branded toy, it sure was inspired by the iconic film starring Boris Karloff. Offering a more kid friendly take on the monster made famous by Karloff and the make-up artistry of Jack Pierce, PlaySkool’s Big Frank presented the monster in neon colors. Opting out of the all black attire, here Big Frank is looking like a Universal Monster by way of Miami Vice. He looks sharp if we do say so ourselves!

Big Frank, from PlaySkool, was a 16″ inch toy that released in 1992. He spoke several phrases including “I’m alive!” and “Mmmm, good!” A clever take on the Universal Monster from 1931, PlaySkool’s Big Frank is just another fun example of just how enduring the Universal Monsters are.


We’d like to express our thanks to Rob at Alternative Mindz for putting together this fun look at PlaySkool’s Big Frank for us.  We hope you all enjoy it as much as we did watching it.

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