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Red Agent The Human Order #2: Britney Takes Us On A European Tour

Red Agent Britney Waters is taking her team to Europe as they hunt for a vicious assassin.

In the last issue of Red Agent The Human Order, Britney leads her team to to infiltrate a lab in Minnesota where highborns are being used as live experiments.   Her friend Ditto was one of those used as an experiment.  He was able to transfer his essence, thoughts and mental activity to a computer where he has reincarnated himself as a robot.  When they get to the lab, they witness and stop an experiment in progress but are unaware they are being watched.

Red Agent

The newest issue starts with a series of church bombings across Eastern Europe and it is up to Britney and the team to solve the mystery.  According to the intelligence given to them, the bomber is suspected to be a former Serbian special ops soldier.  The team predicts his next target to be a church in Portugal.  When they get there, they discover he has special abilities that attributed to the mysterious circumstances surrounding the bombings.  Will Red Agent stop this madman or will he fulfill his mission of death and terror?

Lou Iovino is yet another great writer working on Zenescope comics.  Britney is a great character and the new title is easy to  jump into even if you have never read any Red Agent material before.  This series has lots of action mixed with cloak-and-dagger moments such as this issue with the terrorist attacks.  Zenescope’s titles usually run for 6-12 issues which is a nice length to tell a concise yet well-developed story.  It’s not too short where the story is rushed but it’s not too long where there’s a chance the story might lag.  When it came to the artwork and colors, Zenescope went big for this issue.  The artwork team consisted of Wilton Santos, Chiara Colasanti, Daniel Maine, Renan Shody and Ario Murti.  They did a fantastic job with this issue and do a great job with their work in general.  The coloring team consisted of Hedwin Zaldivar, Grostieta, Ceci De La Cruz, Michael Bartolo and Dono Sanchez Almara.  They did an exceptional job especially with the colors and highlights of the briefing room which a Tron-esque feel to it with the glowing lights and computer screens.  The cover art by Robert Atkins and Ceci De La Cruz did a fine job of capturing the battle between Red Agent and the terrorist.

The year may have changed but lucky for us, Zenescope has not.  The Pennsylvania-located company continues to churn out great stories written by talented writers and drawn by talented artists and colorists.  The characters are great and you just can’t help but root for them.  Aside from Red Agent, there’s Robyn Hood, Hellchild and Van Helsing who has fought Dracula and Frankenstein and is now set to take on Amun-Ra this February!  For more information on these and other characters, visit Zenescope.com today!  Red Agent The Human Order #2  is out now so don’t forget to visit your local comic book store and pick up a copy.

Red Agent

Image courtesy of Zenescope

Written by Lou Iovino

Artwork by Wilton Santos, Chiara Colasanti, Daniel Maine, Renan Shody and Ario Murti

Colors by Hedwin Zaldivar, Grostieta, Ceci De La Cruz, Michael Bartolo and Dono Sanchez Almara

Cover art by Robert Atkins and Ceci De La Cruz

25 pages

(Joe Grodensky – @JoeGrodensky)


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