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Hellchild The Unholy Discovers A Snake In The Grass


Hellchild faces a slithering new enemy!

In the last issue of Hellchild The Unholy, Angelica Blackstone is sent on a mission by Jezebel to kill Kevin Nestor.  Nestor is the leader of a snake cult that dwells under the streets of New York City.  Accompanied by Jezebel and a vampire being named Prick, Angelica raid the underground dwelling as Nestor is performing human sacrifices.  There is blood and guts galore as the cult members are destroyed.  Angelica gets a hold of Nestor and thinks she has done him in but it turns out there is life after death.  In this newest issue, Angelica gets a surprise when the snakes arise again.  As she dispatches of them, she begins to wonder who she is becoming and if she can ever change.


Hellchild The Unholy #3 is not only an exciting story but it is a look into the soul.  Angelica has never been one for compassion or living a righteous life.  She is the daughter of Hades, god of the underworld.  Yet in this issue, she gives being a hero a thought and wonders if she can change.  Once again, it shows the writing talent of Pat Shand.  Not many out there can mix horror with emotion and make you empathize with a demon.  With a talented writer comes talented artists.  Renzo Rodriguez is back and with him returns his excellent artwork, especially when it comes to the snakes and creatures.  They are certainly cringe-worthy but a visual spectacle at the same time.  Walter Baiamonte returns as the colorist to set the gruesome, dark mood for the story and Rodriguez’s artwork.  The cover, designed by Ediano Silva and Sanju Nivangune, portrays Angelica as a woman on a mission to clean up New York.

When it comes to Zenescope, every title they produce is a good title.  While their titles generally center around horror and monsters, each one has its own personality.  Each character has their own set of qualities and traits which sets them apart which means there is something for everyone.  Aside from Angelica, Pat has other characters such as the team from Spirit Hunters and Liesel Van Helsing.  Be sure to check out Zenescope.com for more information and visit your local comic shop to pick up Hellchild The Unholy #3.

Written by Pat Shand

Artwork by Renzo Rodriguez

Colors by Walter Baiamonte

Cover Art by Ediano Silva and Sanju Nivangune

25 pages

(Joe Grodensky – @JoeGrodensky)

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