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Van Helsing vs. Frankenstein #5: The Final Battle Commences!

Van Helsing

Liesel Van Helsing has waged a brutal battle against Frankenstein.  It all ends now.

In the last issue of Van Helsing vs. Frankenstein, the monster is tearing a bloody swath through the streets of New York City.  Angelica Blackstone a.k.a. Hellchild is brutally beaten by Frankenstein but manages to wound him in the process.  Taylor is still convinced that the real Franklin is buried somewhere in the monster and she can use that to get the monster to listen to her.  Liesel tries to plead with Taylor that the monster will kill her whether Franklin is in there or not.

Van Helsing

In this emotional final issue, Liesel and Angelica travel to upstate New York to help Taylor while the NYPD cleans up what is left of Frankenstein’s destruction at Penn Station.  When they arrive, they encounter the same moth creatures that nearly killed Frank which caused Taylor to turn him into Frankenstein.  while Angelica deals with them, Liesel takes on the monster but still cannot seem to stop him no matter how much damage she inflicts on him.  Taylor is still pleading with Liesel that Franklin is still a part of the monster but a shocking discovery proves Liesel was right all along.

Pat Shand gave Van Helsing vs. Frankenstein the sendoff it deserved.  The ending was emotional and truly captured the definition of true love.  In fact, it had a Romeo and Juliet feel to it.  Pat knows how to make these characters feel real to the reader and make the reader relate to them.  The epilogue was perfect and wrapped up the series in a clean way while leaving room for Van Helsing vs. The Mummy of Amun-Ra which debuts February 8th.  Artist Leonardo Colapietro and colorist Slamet Mujiono do great work once again and Roberta Ingranata is amazing with the flashback sequences.  I cannot wait to see her work in Van Helsing vs. The Mummy of Amun-Ra.  The cover art by Manuel Preitano is great with the subtlety of the skyline and the clock shaping Frankenstein’s neckline.

Every week Zenescope puts out one great title after another.  From Robyn Hood to Van Helsing vs. to Red Agent and beyond, there’s a title for everyone to enjoy.  The stories are great and the artwork is outstanding because the writers are great and the artists are outstanding.  For more information, head over to Zenescope.com where you can learn about all of the characters and titles.  Van Helsing vs. Frankenstein is available now so don’t forget to visit your local comic book shop to get your copy.

Written by Pat Shand

Artwork by Leonardo Colapietro

Colors by Slamet Mujiono

Flashback art by Roberta Ingranata

Cover Art by Manuel Preitano

25 pages

(Joe Grodensky – @JoeGrodensky)

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