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Spirit Hunters Takes The Team Behind Bars For A Hard Time

Spirit Hunters

Spirit Hunters does some hard time!

In the last issue of Spirit Hunters, the team is sent to investigate the death of a burn victim and a mysterious house fire in Massachusetts.  When a group of teenage suspects are questioned and admit to grave-robbing, the team discovers that a vengeful spirit is behind the fires will not stop until his belongings are returned to his grave.  The mission is an emotional homecoming for Vera who tries unsuccessfully to reconnect with her estranged father.

Spirit Hunters

In this newest issue, Ellen and Dr. Michael Chase drive to West Virginia Penitentiary which was supposedly one of the most haunted places in America after it had closed then re-opened.  They want to investigate the facility to rule out dangerous spirits.  When they get there, they run into a potential breakout and are held hostage by the inmates involved.  As Ellen is being threatened, she enters into the spirit realm but cannot see which spirit is the murderer and which ones are the victims.  As she continues through the realm, she sees something and is able to piece it together with an observation she made in the prison itself.  Could the murderer be a living person?

Spirit Hunters gets better and better with each new issue.  While I missed seeing the whole team together, it was nice to see a different side of Ellen as she tries to control her ability to enter the spirit realm without doing any harm to herself or those around her.  Dr. Chase’s story about his wife was tragic and poignant.  Pat Shand and Dave Franchini wrote up an excellent story with a head-turning plot twist.  This story is the best one yet and we still have eight more issues to go!  Francesca Follini did a fantastic job on the artwork and the team of Fran Gamboa and J.C. Ruiz did a great job with the colors, setting a dark mood.  Anthony Spay and Jorge Cortes put out excellent cover art.  It is a scary cover but still provokes the feeling of excitement wondering what the issue will be about.

This is the second Zenescope title in a row to be reviewed this week which shows how much this company has to offer.  There is no shortage of quality titles in their catalog and there are plenty more titles on the way!  They have horror, action, adventure, mystery and everything in between.  You can visit Zenescope.com to see their full catalog of titles.  Spirit Hunters #4 is out now so be sure to visit your local comic book shop to pick up a copy.

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