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Universal Monsters Universe Proudly Presents Monster Bowl I

Monster BowlThe Baltimore Colts' Johnny Unitas, visiting on the set of television's "The Munsters" with other pro Bowl players, Jan. 5, 1965 gets some help with his smile from "Herman Munster," played by actor Fred Gwynne. (AP Photo/David F. Smith)

The big day is here!  The inaugural Monster Bowl has begun!

Universal Monsters Universe would like to thank you–the fans–for getting us to our one year anniversary. Ahead of our 1 year anniversary on February 11th, we’d like to say it has been an amazing adventure that we look forward to continuing into the years beyond.  In the meantime, we would like to remind you that the UMU playoffs and Monster Bowl have been a roaring success!  We hope you have all enjoyed it and keep on voting either The Wolf Man or The Mummy to glory!

*This article originally appeared on UMU on 1/16/2017*

The NFL Playoffs are in full swing!  While the monsters of the gridiron are playing for ultimate glory in the Super Bowl, our Monster Head fans will be voting their favorite classic monsters through the UMU Playoffs to ultimate glory in the inaugural Monster Bowl!

Monster Bowl

The UMU Playoffs and Monster Bowl I will pit the classic monsters such as Frankenstein, The Wolf Man and the Creature against each other in a series of Twitter polls.  Starting today, our Monster Heads can vote on Twitter (@UMonstersUni).  The winners of each poll will be matched up against each other next week.  Each day there will be a new poll which will be referred to as a Crypt for playoff format purposes.  The finals will be the week of Super Bowl LI on February 5th.  It will be a fun, interactive experience for everyone!  Don’t forget to vote either The Wolf Man or Frankenstein to ultimate glory!

Schedule of Match-ups:

First Round

Monday 1/16:  The Invisible Man vs. The Mummy (Crypt One) The Mummy

Tuesday 1/17:  The Wolf Man vs. The Bride of Frankenstein (Crypt Two) The Wolf Man

Wednesday 1/18:  Frankenstein vs. The Phantom of the Opera (Crypt Three) Frankenstein

Thursday 1/19:  Creature From The Black Lagoon vs. Dracula (Crypt Four) Dracula

Second Round

Thursday 1/26:  Crypt One vs.  Crypt Four The Mummy

Friday 1/27:  Crypt Two vs. Crypt Three The Wolf Man

Monster Bowl I

Voting will be open from February 5th until February 11th to determine our champion!

We hope you enjoy the inaugural UMU Playoffs leading up to Monster Bowl I!  We thank all of our Monster Heads for your continuing support from day one as we enter our first full year of operation and beyond.  Don’t forget to vote for you favorite monster each day this week and follow Universal Monsters Universe for all of your monster needs!

(Joe Grodensky – @JoeGrodensky)

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