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Red Agent

Red Agent heads into an ocean of trouble!

In the last issue of Red Agent: The Human Order, Brittany Waters and the team headed to Europe to stop a terrorist who was targeting houses of worship across the continent.  He was always one step ahead of them until they figured out the method to his madness.  He was a former Serbian special ops soldier who also happened to be a highborn with the power to make things explode.

Red Agent

In this newest issue, Britney, Ryder and Avril must recover experimental medicine after the vessel carrying it is attacked by a octopus-looking ancient sea queen.  The medicine is said to be able to keep highborn powers in check.  When they get to the ship, it is mangled and its crew members have died brutal deaths.  The sea queen is quick to confront Red Agent and her team accompanied by monstrous sea creatures.  Avril and Britney use their powers and agility to contend with the queen’s quick tentacle strikes.  Ryder goes after her head-on but she is too powerful even for him.  Have Britney and her team finally met their match?

Red Agent: The Human Order reminds of a female version of the James Bond movies.  This specific issue reminds me of Thunderball with all of the underwater action.  Lou Iovino packs the series full of action, adventure and even witty dialogue.  The opening sequence with the ship getting attacked was the perfect way to get the reader’s attention and lock them into the rest of the issue.  The surprise ending was a shocker but provides a great twist and new angle for the rest of the story going forward.  Ario Murti is the artist for this issue and he did a phenomenal job.  Britney, Ryder, Avril and the others are fierce and ready for whatever fight comes their way.  The monsters are creepy and want blood.  It all comes together beautifully.  Hedwin Zaldivar and Marco Pagnotta teamed up to put colors to Murti’s art.  They are vibrant, bright and make the ocean scenes look so real you may think you are about to get splashed.  Zaldivar did double duty by joining Allan Otero on an awesome cover.

Red Agent: The Human Order is yet another Zenescope title I’ve added to my list of favorites alongside Hellchild The Unholy and Van Helsing vs…  I love the secret-agent-meets-the-supernatural aspect of it and the characters in the story.  Britney Waters could have her own TV show or web series.  The stories are strong and make for great entertainment.  Red Agent: The Human Order #3 is out now so be sure to visit your local comic shop to pick up a copy.  Don’t forget to visit Zenescope.com to find out more about Britney and other Zenescope characters.

Written by Lou Iovino

Artwork by Ario Murti

Colors by Hedwin Zaldivar and Marco Pagnotta

Cover Art by Hedwin Zaldivar and Allan Otero

25 pages

(Joe Grodensky – @JoeGrodensky)

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