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She Keeps Biting Back! Van Helsing Begins Filming Season Two!

Van Helsing

Syfy’s Van Helsing has begun filming season two!

Last Fall, Syfy premiered its newest show Van Helsing starring Kelly Overton, Aleks Paunovic and Jonathan Scarfe among others.  It was set in an apocalyptic future where a volcanic eruption had turned ordinary people into bloodthirsty vampires.  Vanessa, a descendant of Abraham Van Helsing, leads a band of survivors as she tries to find her daughter Dylan.  After a bloody and adventurous first season, the cast and crew are back in Vancouver, BC, Canada to begin filming the show’s second season.

Day 1 Here we go @vanhelsingofficial

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The show’s instagram has started to post pictures from the set including a bloody knife, Kelly Overton’s hand being taped up and a clapperboard.  Being that it is the height of winter, we may be treated to a winter wonderland of vampires, humans and the ultimate fight for survival.  There are no specific details as to who from the cast is returning or even being brought on for the new season but it should be safe to say that Rukiya Bernard, Jonathan Scarfe, Trezzo Mahoro, Aleks Paunovic, Paul Johansson and Laura Mennell will return being their characters survived the first season.  Neil LaBute is back as the lead screenwriter after doing an awesome job in the first season.  Zenescope Entertainment had a small role behind the scenes last season and should be back again this season.

#Repost @repostapp @kellyaoverton Getting ready for Van Helsing Season 2 like #vanhelsing #season2 #vanessa #shebitesback

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Van Helsing had an amazing first season and we are eagerly awaiting what is to come in season two.  Season one of Van Helsing is currently on Netflix International but there has not been any word on if or when it is coming to Netflix USA.  It is available through Amazon streaming.  It is $2.99/episode to rent or $24.99 to buy and own the entire 13-episode first season.  Stay tuned to Universal Monsters Universe for the latest updates on the show as we report them.

Van Helsing airs on Syfy Friday nights at 10pm.  Check your local listings.


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  1. joe: thanks for the coverage and the positive energy about the show! big group of people back together trying to make some fun television–we’re hoping to create something even bigger, badder and better than last year on VAN HELSING!


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