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Universal Monster-versary! One Year of “The Mummy”, Gods, and Monsters!


The Universal Monster-versary continues as we look back on the start of UMU’s coverage of “The Mummy.”

Last week saw Universal Monsters Universe celebrate its first monster-versary on February 11th. Last year we quietly launched UMU with the breaking news that Johnny Depp had been cast in the upcoming reboot of The Invisible Man. That was followed by our first pre-production coverage of The Mummy, starring Sofia Boutella, Tom Cruise, and directed by Alex Kurtzman. We would then continually provide coverage of The Mummy as it entered principal photography in April and wrapped production in September. From Malta, to England, to Namibia, we would become “film family” with the cast and crew on Universal’s first Universal Monsters film

As the co-founder of Universal Monsters Universe, I have had the good fortune to network and collaborate with some of the best people out there. But I would like to mention that long before any of our fantastic writers joined Team UMU, it all began with a vision I had for a hub of all things Universal Monsters, new and classic. I envisioned a site that would serve all current Universal Monsters films in the same fashion that Spider-Man Hype! did back in the day (and long before it became Super Hero Hype!). Universal Monsters Universe has only gotten better over the past year and my vision for UMU would not have been possible without my writing partner, co-founder, and friend, Joseph Grodensky. UMU is everything that it is and that’s because we have a great team. The best monster movies aren’t made by just one person. Karloff would not be Frankenstein’s Monster without James Whale or Jack Pierce. Gill-Man would not be Gill-Man if it wasn’t for Jack Arnold or Milicent Patrick! UMU would not be UMU if it wasn’t for our team of gifted writers and artists, and it certainly would not be what it is without all of you.

February 16, 2016 marked the first article I wrote for Universal Monsters Universe. I’ll never forget this past year and I can’t wait to continue this adventure into a tomb of macabre monsters, classic thrills and classic chills. I hope you’ll continue this with me!

*This article previously appeared in “A Mummy in Malta? Scouting Begins for The Mummy”, published on 2/16/2016.

Location scouting begins for The Mummy in Malta.

This past November saw Tom Cruise and Sofia Boutella‘s names associated with Universal’s 2017 remake/reboot of their classic Universal Monster movie, The Mummy.  After Universal confirmed Cruise and Boutella, along with an official press announcement for the anticipated first film in the Universal Monsters Universe of connected films, we now have word that the film crew have begun scouting locations for The Mummy.

According to Just Jared and Times of Malta, “the production team scouted various locations around the island but appeared to have set its eyes on Fort Ricasoli in Kalkara, industry sources said.”

The pictures released on Just Jared look incredible and we’ve shared a few below.  The Mummy 2017 will be directed by Alex Kurtzman (People Like Us). With the film being set in present day and filmed in Malta, we already have the makings of a movie that will be as breathtakingly beautiful to look at, as much as it surely will be entertaining.

mummy in malta

mummy in malta

mummy in malta

mummy in malta

While we don’t know too much about the upcoming The Mummy, we do know that it will be a significant departure from the previous trilogy starring Brendan Fraser.  Especially in locations as 1999’s film, directed by Stephen Sommers, was filmed in Morocco and set in the fictional City of the Dead – Hamunaptra.  Also, it has been reported (and more or less confirmed) that Sofia Boutella of Kingsman and Star Trek Beyond fame will portray the title character.

The Mummy is set for release  June 9, 2017, with filming set to begin in the spring/summer.  Stay tuned for more on The Mummy, The Invisible Manand the rest of the Universal Monsters here at Universal Monsters Universe!

(Steven Biscotti – @reggiemantleIII)

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Mild mannered reporter, Steven Biscotti, has an avid interest in all things comic books, movies, and music (especially pertaining to Coldplay.) He stands 5'7" tall and prides himself on being the same height as Tom Cruise. Steven's favorite monster movie? "The Mummy (1999)."

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  1. I wonder when Universal is really going to kick things up a notch for the marketing of The Mummy. It shouldn’t be too long. I would say it should start in March. I hope to see more behind the scenes video…and of course the next trailer!

    On a separate note, Heroic Hollywood, which I do appreciate a lot for their superhero coverage, they said in an article about Wonder Woman to their shame that “And on June 9 is The Mummy reboot starring Tom Cruise, the first in the proposed Universal Monsters cinematic universe, which doesn’t have much buzz behind it at the moment…”

    Boy, they sure don’t seem to know how much of the Internet cannot wait for this movie. I actually do like the fact that people are underestimating The Mummy – because there’s nothing like surprises or “under the radar” things becoming must see events. Universal’s Split recently achieved that in its opening weekend – but on a much smaller scale than what The Mummy will do this summer!



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